Laser Cut “Stained Glass” Cards

Laser Cut Seasons Cards

Christina from Nib & Tuck recently made her first foray into the world of laser cutting, and the result is her beautiful new Stained Glass laser cut card collection, which features four seasonal designs, including a summer sun, a winter snowflake, a spring flower (which doubles as a poinsettia), and an autumn maple leaf. The snowflake and flower/poinsettia designs would make wonderfully unique holiday cards, don’t you think?

Cards can be purchased individually or in a set of four (one of each design) in the Nib & Tuck shop or at Felt & Wire.

Laser Cut Snowflake

Laser Cut Flower / Poinsettia

Laser Cut Maple Leaf

Laser Cut Sun

images from Nib & Tuck

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2 comments on “Laser Cut “Stained Glass” Cards

  1. Christina commented //

    Kristen, thank you so much for the mention on your blog today. I’m very excited about this new line and I think I may be officially addicted to laser cutting.

  2. donaville commented //

    ooh, loving the orange one with circles.

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