Joseph’s Lacrosse Bar Mitzvah Invitations

Lacrosse Bar Mitzvah Invitations

Okay, now these are some seriously cool Bar Mitzvah invitations. This completely clever design was created by Luscious Verde and features a hand drawn, hand stitched paper lacrosse stick that was printed on textured paper to give the dimensional feel of the actual sports equipment.

The more classic design of the main invitation showcases white lithography printing against a deep, navy blue backdrop and provides a nice contrast to the playful lacrosse sticks. And personalized stationery, featuring a lacrosse stick motif, ties the suite together very nicely. I know that guys aren’t typically squeeing about invitations, but I’ll bet that Joseph was pretty stoked to have these unique invites as part of his celebration.

Unique Bar Mitzvah Invitations

Luscious Verde Custom Bar Mitzvah Invites

Lacrosse Invitations

images from Luscious Verde

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3 comments on “Joseph’s Lacrosse Bar Mitzvah Invitations

  1. Invitinglee commented //

    I’m extra proud of this one… couldn’t have been more perfectly executed! Thanks LV!

  2. Alex commented //

    Great design…very creative idea!

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