John Vanderslice Gigposter

If you’re a print designer, or if you just go gaga over the process behind the production of all things print, then you absolutely must see the new blog, FPO (For Print Only), by the creative duo who were behind inspirational graphic design site, Speak Up. Though Speak Up is no longer active — its contents now serve as an archive — FPO has already become a go to blog for print design inspiration.

Doily Gigposter

One of the recent posts over at FPO really caught my eye. Designer and printer, Bennett Holzworth, brilliantly used grease proof doilies — yes, the kind that you found in the cake decorating aisle at most craft stores — as a major element in the creation of this unique gigposter for John Vanderslice.

Doily Gigposter

Doily Gigposter

I don’t know about you, but this project makes me want to head to the craft store for project inspiration!

images from FPO

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  1. Dee commented //

    Nice work, thanks for the link.

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