Idlewild Co. Custom Return Address Stamps

Idlewild Co. Custom Return Address Stamps

It’s no secret that I lurve me some custom return address stamps, and I had a bit of a “squee” moment when the awesome new return address stamp designs from Idlewild Co. popped onto my radar.

These super cool stamps are just the thing for avid snail mailers, and they’re available in four styles: icon, which features your choice of pre-designed, hand-painted icons that include everything from a pineapple to a kitty cat to a bow tie; hand-lettered, which features your custom, hand-painted name(s); portrait, which features hand-painted portraits of 1 to 2 address residents; and silhouette, the most customizable option, which features a hand-painted shape of your choosing, with your hand-lettered address contained within.

Head on over to Idlewild Co. for more details and to ogle these fantastic stamps some more!

Idlewild Co. Custom Return Address Stamps

images from Idlewild Co.

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