Halloween Cards, Part 1

If you’re planning a Halloween shindig and are still looking for a great Halloween party invite, then head on over and check out last week’s Halloween party invitation roundups. Today’s roundups are all about the Halloween cards and, boy, are there a lot of great ones this year! Are you ready for some Halloween fun and (eye) candy?

Egg Press has several letterpress Halloween cards for you to choose from, including smile-inducing finger puppets and a cute and creepy spider:

Egg Press Halloween Letterpress Cards

Love the color (magenta crow!) in these letterpress Halloween postcards from Paper Wren:

Paper Wren Halloween Letterpress Postcards

Happy Halloween letterpress cards by Studio 827:

Studio 827 Halloween Letterpress Cards

Pumpkin Garland letterpress cards by Paper Lovely:

Pumpkin Garland Halloween Letterpress

Boo Witch letterpress cards by Hazel & Violet, printed with a vintage cut and wood type:

Hazel & Violet Boo Witch Letterpress Card

Sleeping Cat and Smiling Pumpkin letterpress Halloween cards by Dandy Lion Press, created from an original linoleum cut:

Dandy Lion Halloween Letterpress Card

Hee! These vampire/zombie cards by Buster McGee are so cute and funny:

Buster McGee Halloween Cards

Buster McGee Halloween Cards

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  1. Erin at Vale Design commented //

    Great round-ups K! Love the Egg Press cards. So glad to see some NSS work!

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