Gagatree 3-D Pop Up Cards

Gagatree Pop Up Card

Pop up cards are one of those things that still elicits a childlike response within me. So, naturally, I was filled with wonder and delight when I saw these beautiful 3-D pop up cards from Singapore based design group Gagatree’s Winter Garden collection.

The pop ups are not only appealing in form, but they also feature colorful Asian-inspired graphic elements, such as bunnies, cats, and butterflies. In addition to making a wonderful greeting card (thankfully, each card comes with instructions for spatially challenged people such as myself), the pop ups would also be the perfect gift wrap embellishment, gift ornament, or decoration.

Available for purchase in the US from Shopmodi.

image from Gagatree

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  2. nicole commented //

    aww, thanks so much for posting about my new shop!

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