Free Folding Paper Rose Pattern

Update: Shelley has generously provided the folding rose PDF for you to download from the Paper Crave site. Download the pattern here. If you have any problems with the file, just let me know!

Paper Rose

If you’re a paper flower fanatic like I am, then you’ll want to check out this lovely (and free) paper rose pattern from Paper Forest. Turn it into a beautiful pop up greeting card and give the gift of a rose to whomever you wish! More information here and here. Download the PDF here. Thank you for the lovely paper craft!

image from Paper Forest

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21 comments on “Free Folding Paper Rose Pattern

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  2. Ammarah commented //

    hi i am truly amazed with what you have done i wanted to try to make the pop rose greeting crad but cant i find the instructions and template ( the link is broken) i would really appreciate it if oyu could send me them to thanks for your time

  3. n commented //

    Very nice to see the pattern,I want to got it, but it is broken
    did you mind send the pattern for me
    thanks much

  4. Heather commented //

    I have tried to open the link for the template and it will not open for me as well. Could you also please email me the template that would be greatly appreciated. I am excited to make some.

  5. Trudy commented //

    This is a lovely card! I also would like to create this, however, I too have found the link broken.
    Thank you for all your time and talent!

  6. Shelley Noble commented //

    Hello everyone. I designed this pattern and will be happy to send it to anyone for their use.

    Send a request to nobledesign[at]sbcglobal[dot]net and it will be my pleasure to forward it.

    Or perhaps someone knows how to post it online somewhere? I’ve tried twice and both times the link failed for hundreds of people.

  7. Julie commented //

    I love these roses! I’d really like the PDF so I can make them myself.
    Thanks for sharing the idea!

  8. Tamie commented //

    would like to have your pattern

  9. Oly commented //

    Wow !!! , pls I will like to have the template !!!

    Thanks ……..form Monterrey , Mexico

  10. AnChi commented //

    Hi, i’m from Vietnam, so far of u, but i really love ur work about paper rose :X
    Pls sent pattern to me and i thank u so much.

    if u want to post online, may use
    Thanks n good luck

  11. LJH commented //

    Can you send me the template and instructions as well? Thank you so much!


  12. AbigaillTR commented //

    hello … i love what yuu did with the pop-up rose .. do yuu know if yuu could send me the instructions of your magnificent work ? (: thank yuu

  13. Cathy Sue commented //

    I love the pop up rose could you send me the pattern and instructions. Thanks so much..

  14. Jessica commented //

    Hi! I can’t seem to find the pattern either, can you please send it to me?


  15. Fiona commented //

    I really love the pop up rose!! Would you please send me the pattern and the instructions?

    Thanks a lot!!

  16. Jaime commented //

    I would love to try this beautiful “free folding paper rose” pattern. Can you please send it to me at Thanks so much!

  17. Jaraline commented //

    This is amazing. I would love to make it for my mom for mothers day. Can you please send my the pattern at Thank you so much.

  18. Lily commented //

    I love how beautiful the flower is. Can you please send me a template via email? thanks!

  19. rendor commented //

    hi can you send me the template pattern for the pop up paper rose card pls! 🙂

  20. Srini commented //

    Hi, I’m from Srilanka. I was searching for a pop up rose flower for hours when i suddenly came up with this amazing patern of yours. I was so thrilled now that i can also try it. And I could’nt help leaving without a comment for your generousity. Thank you very very very much. In many blogs they don’t show us the patern. But it’s realy kind of shelly to show the pattern. Thanks for you all.

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