Extracurricular Activities Illustrated Greeting Cards

Summertime Illustrated Greeting Card | Extracurricular Activities

Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying are the husband and wife team behind Extracurricular Activities, an online shop that started out as a way for the couple to work on independent projects outside of their full-time jobs as concept artists for animation at Dreamworks and Disney, respectively, and has expanded to become an ever-growing line of beautifully illustrated cards, art prints, apparel, and digital accessories.

I am totally digging their greeting card lineup, which includes designs that feature everything from soothing landscapes to bustling cityscapes to seriously sweet characters. Here’s a peek at their cards, and be sure to head over to the Extracurricular Activities shop to see much more.

Illustrated Greeting Cards | Extracurricular Activities

images from Extracurricular Activities

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2 comments on “Extracurricular Activities Illustrated Greeting Cards

  1. rooth commented //

    Oh some of these are just delightful (we are partners in crime!)

  2. kristen commented //

    I agree, rooth. They have so many wonderful designs, and the we are partners in crime card is so fun! “Business Cat” is a clever one, too.

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