Darling Clementine Bloom

Bloom Greeting Cards | Darling Clementine

The delightful floral paper goodies from Darling Clementine’s Bloom series are an automatic pick-me-up for all of us (myself included) who are wishing for warmer days and an end to what has been an exceptionally chilly spring season. I’m really digging the sweet, blossom-covered greeting cards, art prints, and super cool gift wrap, as well as the fantastic color palette, which ranges from rich burgundy to kraft, pretty pink to poppy red, and midnight to sky blue.

Bloom Greeting Cards | Darling Clementine

Bloom Art Print | Darling Clementine

Bloom Notebooks | Darling Clementine

Bloom Gift Wrap | Darling Clementine

Bloom Fill-In Invitations | Darling Clementine

images from Darling Clementine

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One thought on “Darling Clementine Bloom

  1. Michelle evans commented //

    Thanks for sharing these, love the pretty, simple design and the harmony of colours really do uplift a wintry day!

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