Free Halloween Printables

Amy from Living Locurto, Linnette from Paper Glitter, and I got together to create this fun (and free!) trio of black, white, and tangerine Halloween printables that you can incorporate into oodles of spooky-themed projects!

Free Halloween Printables from,, and

Amy designed totally cute lollipop holders, Linnette created creepy cool patterned gift wrap, and I put together a set of hand drawn and lettered labels/stickers that you can use on everything from treat bags to handmade Halloween cards.

Click on the links below to find out more and to download these frightfully festive freebies, and please share them with your Halloween-loving friends, too!

Halloween Lollipop Holders (Living Locurto)

Halloween Wrapping Paper (Paper Glitter)

Halloween Labels / Stickers (direct link to the PDF download)

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Below are additional images of the labels that I designed for the exchange:

Free Printable Halloween Labels / Stickers from

Free Printable Hand Drawn Halloween Labels / Stickers from

images from Living Locurto, Paper Glitter, and Paper Crave

Paper Crave Halloween Freebies : Printable Halloween Papers

Halloween Freebies

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Halloween Paper

Holiday Freebies week concludes with these fun, printable Halloween papers. Say hello to the faux bois paper from the treat boxes, this time in both lime green/white and purple/orange, as well as skull and bones paper and horror movie quotes paper. You can use these papers for a variety of projects — scrapbooking, homemade greeting cards and gift cards, and pretty much anything that you can think of!

Download Spooky Bois Lime Green Paper (PDF 25 Kb)
Download Spooky Bois Purple Paper (PDF 25 Kb)
Download Skull and Bones Paper (PDF 28 Kb)
Download Horror Movie Quotes Paper (PDF 596 Kb)

I hope that everyone has enjoyed this week and has found at least one of the printable projects that fits in for what you have planned for Halloween. It’s been a lot of fun putting this together, and I’m going to have to consider creating more freebies and projects on Paper Crave in the future. Happy weekend, and Happy Halloween!

images from Paper Crave

Paper Crave Halloween Freebies : Mini Invitations and Stickers

Halloween Freebies
Halloween Party Invitations

Need quick invitations for your Halloween shindig? Today’s printable is Halloween mini-vites, and I’ve made some smaller versions of the silhouette garland shapes for you to use as stickers. Simply, print them out, fill them in, and either put them in glassine envelopes (I bought mine at Paper Source), or hand them out as is.

If you print the stickers onto cardstock, you can also use them as gift tags, treat bag tags, wine glass charms, or you can make a mini version of the garland!

Download the Halloween Mini-vites (PDF 215 Kb)
Download the Halloween Stickers (PDF 158 Kb)

images from Paper Crave

Paper Crave Halloween Freebies : Spooky Bois Boxes and Stickers

Halloween Freebies

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Halloween Treat Boxes

If you’ve read Paper Crave for any length of time, then you know how I love pretty much anything faux bois. The printable Halloween paper craft of the day is what I call my Spooky Bois Treat Boxes.

The boxes are large enough that they should fit any fun size candy bar (not Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, but why would you be giving those away?!) or an array of smaller candies and treats. They would also work well as favor boxes or even small gift boxes, and I’ve included stickers, too!

Download the Spooky Bois Box (PDF 197 Kb)
Download the Trick or Treat Stickers (PDF 287 Kb)

PDF Preview (about 75% actual size):

Halloween Treat Box

images from Paper Crave

Paper Crave Halloween Freebies : Halloween Garland Two Ways

Halloween Freebies

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Halloween Garland

Materials needed for this project:
Garland Templates or Silhouettes (links below)
A Printer
Xacto Knife (optional)
A Needle and Thread

Thoughts of creating a Halloween garland were swirling in my mind for months, and this is the result of my experimentation. The garland is made of four spooky cute illustrations, and the one pictured was created the first way, which involves cutting templates, tracing them onto black cardstock, and cutting the shapes out with scissors and an Xacto.

However, I got to thinking that not everyone may have the time to make the garland this way, as it is somewhat more time intensive. I also thought that it may be more difficult for young children to take part in cutting out the shapes if you made the garland using templates. With these things in mind, I made a second version of the garland. Just print the silhouettes onto cardstock or heavy paper and cut on the dotted lines. Thread the shapes onto your choice of hanging material, and you’re good to go!

These spooky silhouettes can also be used as gift tags or hang tags, treat bag decorations or, if you have a white or metallic paint pen, you can make them into name tags.

Halloween Garland

This is a shot of the threading process. I used black sewing thread and a needle and sewed up through the right side of the shape, sewing a second hole down through the left of the shape, and coming out the left side. This allowed me to slide the shapes over to the right as I threaded them onto the garland. The two hole “technique” allows for easy re-positioning, but it holds the shapes in place nicely, too. After all of the shapes are threaded, hang your garland on a wall or wherever, and enjoy!

Download the outlines here: Halloween Garland Template Outlines (PDF 16Kb)
Download the silhouettes here: Halloween Garland Silhouette Cutouts (PDF 15Kb)

Halloween Garland

Preview of the silhouettes, shown at about 60% of their original size.

images from Paper Crave