Business Card Eye Candy

There have been so many unique, elegant, fun, well, just plain awesome business card designs popping up lately that I just had to share a few of my favorites. Get ready for the eye candy!

Kiya Babzani Fresh Impression

Denim + Letterpress business cards for fashion designer Kiya Babzani by Fresh Impression

Lisa Lefkowitz

Ultra elegant business cards for photographer Lisa Lefkowitz by Collective Lines (via Hello! Lucky)

Parliament Design Pintable Press

Awesomely creative business cards, designed by and for Parliament Design and printed by Pinball Publishing.

Sassen Design

Fantastic rubber stamp work by Sassen Design (via FPO)

Letterpress Ninja Studio on Fire

Cheeky and unique “letterpress ninja” business cards by and for Studio on Fire.

Lucky Cat Lovely MPLS Studio on Fire

Great pattern design and palette for Lucky Cat, designed by LovelyMPLS and printed by Studio on Fire

images from their respective owners

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  1. Nicole-Lynn commented //

    beautiful business cards 🙂

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