Bunny Somersault Cards

Bunny Somersault Cards

My heart swelled – seriously, I could feel it expanding in my chest like the Grinch’s when he finally found the Spirit of Christmas – the moment I laid eyes on these adorable Bunny Somersault cards by Little Alexander. Each card in the set features a sweet little Netherland Dwarf Rabbit in a different phase of a somersault, and they’re all so adorable!

Each card features an original watercolor illustration that’s been digitally printed on thick letterpress paper made of 100% reclaimed cotton linters, so not only are these cards super cute, but they’re eco-friendly, too.

Bunny Somersault Cards

Netherland Dwarf Bunny Cards

Bunny Somersault Cards by Little Alexander

images from Little Alexander

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2 comments on “Bunny Somersault Cards

  1. torrie commented //

    oh my gosh! thanks for sharing! we actually own a netherland dwarf rabbit, so i’ve got to buy a set of these! abba zabba’s color is a little more gray than brown, but still!

  2. kristen commented //

    That’s awesome, torrie! And I LOVE your bunny’s name. 🙂

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