Block Printed Cards by Katharine Watson

Katharine Watson takes inspiration from traditional Indian textiles and folk arts to create textiles, journals, and block printed cards that feature wonderfully detailed ornament and pattern in vibrant hues. Each card is individually printed using a hand-carved linoleum block, and I’m in awe of the crisp lines and detail in the finished cards.

Katharine Watson Block Printed Cards

images from Katharine Watson

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3 comments on “Block Printed Cards by Katharine Watson

  1. Diane Tompkins commented //

    Very handsome work, lovely colors and packaging. Thanks for the peek!

  2. Mr Yen commented //

    These are great, I love the bold imagery and strong colours!

  3. Nina commented //

    I love your work Katherine! It’s crazy that the designs you choose to create are based in folk art but totally modern. .

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