Anne Taintor Vintage Snark Stickers

Anne Taintor Vintage Stickers

I’m getting a kick out of these snarcastic stickers from Anne Taintor. Anne combines vintage images with her own interpretation of the what these people might really be thinking to come up with such gems as, “someone was going to have to set a bad example,” and, “I feel a sin coming on.” You could have a lot of fun with bill collectors if you stuck these babies on your envelopes. Of course, you could also have your electricity cut off.

I also love that Anne has a “Meet the Models” section, where she provides biographies for some of the actual models from the vintage images and tells us where they are now. How neat is that?

The sticker sheets are available in three sets: Domestic Bliss, Cookin’ with Gas, and Bad Girl (pictured above). Each set is $4.25.

image from Anne Taintor

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