American Dream by Lindsay Letters

Downloadable Sweet Liberty Print by Lindsay Letters

American Dream by Lindsay Letters is filled with absolutely beautiful hand lettering, and it’s also a wonderful slice of modern day Americana, so it’s the perfect choice for Hand Lettered Love this week, which culminates in the 4th of July, the quintessential American holiday.

The collection includes hand lettered letterpress, foil pressed, downloadable, and canvas art prints that feature lyrics and quotes from patriotic songs and more. And I was immediately drawn in by the palette of rich reds, golds, and blues, which give the collection a wonderful, heirloom feel. These beautiful pieces would make great gifts for collectors of Americana and lovers of all things hand lettered. Head on over to Lindsay Letters to see the full collection.

Hand Lettered American Dream Collection by Lindsay Letters

images from Lindsay Letters

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2 comments on “American Dream by Lindsay Letters

  1. Jane Taras commented //

    Where can I buy one of those Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies Cards? I’d love to frame that. I love your artwork & lettering. Please sign me up for emails from you. Thanks. How much is that card? Do let me know how I can purchase it.

  2. kristen commented //

    Hi, Jane! It doesn’t look like “America the Beautiful” is currently available as a card, but you can always enquire with Lindsay Letters to see if there’s a plan to add a card version in the collection in the future. And you can sign up for their mailing list at the bottom of their main page here:

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