2014 Calendars, Part 2

If you love pretty patterns, then I think that you’ll dig this collection of calendars, which feature everything from hand drawn to quilt-inspired and vibrant, colorful pattern work:

2014 Calendars, Pt. 2 as seen on papercrave.com

1. Rooted Canvas Wall Calendar | Khristian A. Howell 2. Patterned Wall Calendar | Jessica Swift 3. Bird Inspired Patterns | The Paperbird Society 4. Quilt Block Letterpress Desk Calendar | Lineville Letterpress 5. Patterned Grid Style Wall Calendar | Laura Macchia 6. Patterns & Shapes Double-Sided Calendar | Print Smitten 7. Pieces and Patterns Wall Calendar | One Canoe Two 8. Quilt Quarterly Screen Printed Wall Calendar | The Hungry Fox

images from their respective sources

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2 comments on “2014 Calendars, Part 2

  1. Sarah Schwartz commented //

    Wow! What a great compilation. Hard to pick a favorite!

  2. Melissa commented //

    Thank you so much for including my calendar in your lovely round up! There is going to be a lot of well decorated walls next year, there are so many great calendars around.

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