Happy Birthday Cards

I lurve me some awesome birthday cards, and today I have a new bunch to share with you. You’ll find a little bit of everything in this roundup, from a cute color-in card to a bookish, belated birthday greeting, and

Cake-Themed Birthday Cards

Mmm … cake. I probably shouldn’t put together posts when I’m hungry because my research always seems to go in a food-themed direction when my stomach is empty, but I do love me some food-themed paper goodies, and I’d probably

Happy Birthday Cards

A little roundup of the birthday cards that have caught my eye during recent travels on the interwebs, including a few dude-friendly designs. Hope you like! Above, clockwise from top left : Paper Bandit Press; 9th Letter Press; Fine Day

Zodiac Birthday Cards by Idlewild Co.

I don’t really put much stock in astrology; however, I love seeing how different creatives interpret the astrological signs, and I’m totally into these zodiac birthday cards from Idlewild Co. (formerly Rocket Ink). Cute illustrations + brush-style hand lettering =