Here & Now by Kikki.K

I’m really digging the color and pattern in Kikki.K’s Here & Now collection, which includes all sorts of coordinating office goodies, from to do lists and weekly planners to patterned pens and journals. You can view the full collection, which also includes gift wrap, gift tags, and greeting cards, right here.

Here & Now Collection | Kikki.k

images from Kikki.K

Un-inspirational Quotes

"It Probably Could Get Worse" Letterpress Print | Starshaped Press

Inspirational quotes are everywhere these days, and that’s usually an awesome thing because the right quote at the right time can be everything from a pick-me-up on a not great day to an inspiration that helps one get through a difficult time in their lives. However, when you’ve seen the same quote 20 different times in one day by 20 different people – I’m looking at you, Pinterest – words that are otherwise uplifting can become trite and annoying. Inspirational quotes certainly have their place in my life and many of your lives, too, but you can have too much of a good thing.

I was relieved to find out that I wasn’t the only one who felt this way when Jen from Starshaped Press shared their new “Un-inspirational” series with me. These letterpress prints and cards are a little bit reactionary, in that they’re not all sweetness and light like most of the quotes that you’ll find around, and they speak to the fears and insecurities that all of us feel from time to time. Plus, they’re pretty darn funny, and laughter is an uplifting thing, so these quotes inspire something positive, too!

"There Are No Awesome Adventures Planned" Letterpress Print | Starshaped Press

"People Die Climbing Mountains" Letterpress Print | Starshaped Press

"Maybe It's Your Attitude" Letterpress Print | Starshaped Press

"You Can Be Replaced" Letterpress Print | Starshaped Press

images from Starshaped Press

Draw-Your-Own Flip Books by Inkello

Draw-Your-Own Flip Books | Inkello

These Draw-Your-Own Flip Books from Inkello are so clever and would make great gifts for kiddos who are interested in drawing and animation. The letterpress printed covers feature spaces for the flip book title and author, and the books contain 25 blank white pages for your drawings. Available in tomato red, green apple, cotton candy blue, or kraft brown.

Draw-Your-Own Flip Books | Inkello

images from Inkello

Citrus Prints by Sarah Abbott

Citrus Art Prints | Sarah Abbott

I spotted these fresh, modern citrus prints by Sarah Abbot on Pinterest recently and was instantly taken with the beautiful simplicity of the illustrations. They also remind me that warmer days are ahead, which is a real pick-me-up during this seemingly neverending winter. Go away, snow!

Available in a set of three A5 (8.3″ x 5.8″) sized prints or singly as A3 (16.5″ x 11.7″) sized prints. Cute citrus badges/pins are available, too.

A5 Citrus Prints | Sarah Abbott

A3 Oranges Print | Sarah Abbott

A3 Lemons Print | Sarah Abbott

A3 Limes Print | Sarah Abbott

images from Sarah Abbott