Weekly Wrap #51 : Custom Stamped Ribbon

Weekly Wrap

Eraser Stamp Ribbon Gifts

Ez from Creature Comforts share a fantastic tutorial for carving your own eraser stamps to create custom stamped ribbon that you can use to wrap your holiday gifts, or any gifts, actually! The possibilities here are endless, and this idea may be what finally makes me dig out and use the Staedtler erasers, pink rubber block, and lino cutter that have been gathering dust among my craft supplies for the past year and a half. Thanks for the great idea, Ez!

Also, don’t forget to enter the Cardstore.com holiday giveaway that’s going through Monday. Enter to win a chance at a $50 gift certificate to Cardstore or one of two sets of personalized gift tags. Have a great weekend, everyone!

images from Creature Comforts

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