Weekly Wrap #22 : DIY Lace

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DIY Painted Lace Wrapping Paper

I love making my own gift wrap from scratch. It allows me to be as creative as I want to be, and it’s often more economical than buying premade (though I don’t think that I could ever stop buying pretty, ready to purchase wrapping paper — I’m a collector!).

This past holiday season, Eddie Ross shared a fantastic idea for creating beautiful, budget-friendly gift wrap using plain, white kraft paper, lacy fabric, and a little spray paint. I love how surprisingly crisp the spray painted patterns are. You can change the color palette to fit any holiday or special occasion, and I think a metallic paint would create a really cool result, too. Check out Eddie’s video tutorial for this project for more suggestions.

The paper also looks great as a decorative wrap for items like candles:

DIY Painted Lace Wrapping Paper

images from Eddie Ross

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5 comments on “Weekly Wrap #22 : DIY Lace

  1. Lindy commented //

    Oh my goodness you just made me so happy! I’m in charge of decorations for my grandmother’s 80th birthday party and I wanted to find some fun wrapping paper to use as table runners. Now I’m just going to make my own. Awesome!

  2. kristen commented //

    That’s great, Lindy! Happy birthday to your grandmother!

  3. Jeanelle commented //

    love this project, but everytime I click on this link it gives me a warning that this site contains malware, is that normal?

  4. kristen commented //

    Jeanelle – hmm, I haven’t had any problems or malware warnings. Do you have anti-virus software installed? There might be a script that loads when the site loads that isn’t playing nice with either your browser or anti-virus software.

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