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Cranky Pressman Die Cut Letterpress Coasters

Now, here’s something that will make you smile on a Monday morning. These oh so clever promotional letterpress coasters were created by the Parliament of Owls for the Cranky Pressman Printery & Bindery to launch their new letterpress imprintable die-cut coaster line, The Coasters.

The series features four seaside dwelling elderly folk called “The Coasters”, with names like Mr. Snogglebaum and Cranky, who have a penchant for booze and old timey hobbies. Each coaster features a different oldster, and the reverse includes information about said oldster’s favorite hobbies, likes/dislikes, and favorite drink. Love it!

Find out more about this fantastic series of coasters and learn more about the Cranky Pressman’s new line of custom die-cut coasters.

Cranky Pressman Die Cut Letterpress Coasters

Edna Letterpress CoasterEdna

Edna Letterpress CoasterEdna Coaster (Reverse)

Mr. Snogglebaum Letterpress CoasterMr. Snogglebaum

Adelaide & Mr. Pistachio Letterpress CoasterAdelaide & Mr. Pistachio

Cranky Letterpress CoasterCranky

images from Cranky Pressman & Parliament of Owls

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7 comments on “The Coasters

  1. Dear Evie commented //

    They’re beautiful… love the colours and the detail.

  2. Lilibeth commented //

    Those coasters are amazing!

  3. Kate commented //

    These are lovely! I really enjoy working with Cranky Pressman (Keith). They did a lot of our wedding pieces.

  4. Christina commented //


    I have seen the Cranky Pressman mentioned so many times recently. Last time was on Jessica Hische’s website. She used them for some notecards:

    Do you know if these coasters are two or three colours? Looks like two maybe. I recently saw a letterpressed piece done in yellow and blue with green being created from overlapping the colours. Brilliant. Such a breath of fresh air from offset or digital printing.

  5. Leta commented //

    These are fantastic. Are they available for purchase?

  6. kristen commented //

    Christina – Oh, those Jessica Hische notecards are great!

    My guess is that this is a two color job, with the yellow and blue overlapping to create the green areas. Love this technique! UPDATE: Yep, just checked and this is a two color job.

    Leta – I don’t think they’re available for purchase. This was a promotional piece, probably done in a pretty limited edition. Too bad, though, because I’m sure that a lot of people would snap them up if they were for sale!

  7. Elle commented //

    I know they don’t have them for purchase, but they still have some left and I know they are only sending them to people who order from them. They are amazing to work with.

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