State Bird & Flower Papercuts by Cindy Ferguson

Scherenschnitte Blonde Grizzly Show

I look on in absolute amazement at Cindy Ferguson’s state bird and flower papercuts, which she recently completed for a show at Blonde Grizzly in Salt Lake City. When I think about the fact that she hand cut these intricate silhouettes for all 50 state birds and state flowers, with an additional papercut of the entire United States, surrounded by a beautiful array of flowers and birds, I can feel my jaw wanting to drop to the floor.

You can see all 50 papercuts over at her blog, Scherenschnitte, and view pricing and contact information for Blonde Grizzly if you’re interested in purchasing one or more of the papercuts. Here are just a few of the papercuts from the collection:

Papercut State Birds and State Flowers by Cindy Ferguson

images from Scherenschnitte / Cindy Ferguson

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  1. kayla commented //

    Dude, that’s so awesome!

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