Special Brews Screenprints from Peskimo

English Breakfast Tea Screenprint | Peskimo

I have no idea what our future house is going to look like, but I do hope that the kitchen has a nice, big wall where I can hang art prints like these from Peskimo’s “Special Brews” series. Holy cow, these are awesome, and they make me want to drink more tea. Speaking of, do you have a favorite tea? My favorites are African Rooibos and Winter Spice from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Available in the Peskimo Print Shop and from Peskimo on Etsy.

Tea Box Zoo Screenprint | Peskimo

Darjeeling Screenprint | Peskimo

Lapsang Souchong Screenprint | Peskimo

Rooibos Screenprint | Peskimo

Oolong Screenprint | Peskimo

images from Peskimo


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