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Who doesn’t love receiving something good in the mail? The anticipation and excitement that comes along with opening a package, peeking at a postcard, or a reading a snail mail letter from a friend never fades. Inspired by the fluttery, happy feelings associated with getting mail, Kaitlyn from isavirtue created a new line of modern paper goods called “Something Good”. The new line includes everything from address labels and envelope seals to envelopes, postcards, and tissue paper bearing the simple yet evocative statement, “something good”, which will undoubtedly bump those feelings of anticipation and excitement to the next level. I mean, if it says it’s something good, then it must be something realllllly good.

A cool new project, corresponding with the launch of this fun new paper goods line, is launching this Thursday, April 5, too! “Send Something Good”, an idea thought up by Gentri Lee, is a great big online postal project that’s kind of like a giant, online round robin, where participating bloggers will receive the address of another blogger so they can send them something good. Kaityln is anticipating hundreds of participants, and if you would like to get involved and get something good in the mail, then head over to the Isavirtue projects page on Thursday for more details. Participants who wish to use “Something Good” products as part of their parcel can receive 20% off with the code SENDSOMETHINGGOOD.

Something Good Envelopes

Something Good Tissue Paper

Something Good Seals

Send Something Good

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