Simpsons Postage Stamps

Simpsons Postage Stamps

The U.S. Postal Service just unveiled a new set of postage stamps featuring characters from The Simpsons. Woo hoo! The Postal Services only chooses 20 topics out of the approximately 500,000 suggestions that they for stamps every year, and The Simpsons is the only television show to be featured as the sole subject of a stamp set while still in primetime production.

You can purchase Simpsons stamps and keepsakes from the collection now, and they will be sent to you when The Simpsons sets launch on May 7. Also, vote for your favorite Simpsons stamp and enter to win one of 25 limited edition Simpsons posters signed by Matt Groening.

image from USPS

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  1. youngmi commented //

    i just saw these on the usps website this morning! i can’t wait to get them 🙂

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