Silhouette Advent Calendar + Promotion

Silhouette Advent Calendar

I’m so excited to be a part of the Silhouette Advent Calendar project, and this opportunity came at the perfect time because I had been searching for months for a frame that had 25 individual nooks for an advent calendar. I just could not find anything with more than a dozen or so at any of my local craft stores. Yay for 25 individual nooks!

The Silhouette SD is one of my paper crafting workhorses (I’d be lost without it), and it got a great workout while I was making my Advent calendar. The calendar frame comes with a code card that you can use to download both a set of boxes and a set of drawers that are made to fit perfectly into each niche, and you can use all boxes, all drawers, or mix and match the templates in whatever combination that suits you.

From today through November 11th, you can purchase the Advent Calendar for just $29.99, a $10 discount from the regular price. Use code CRAVE to receive your discount.

About my calendar: I decided on a red, white, and silver/gray color scheme, and I added touches of coordinating colored glitter and my new favorite craft supply, Glossy Accents, to create glittery, glossy effects on the calendar numbers.

I also broke out my embossing templates, rubber stamps, and embossing powder to add texture to some of the white boxes. Needless to say, I had a great time on this project, though it did look like a glitter fairy attacked my craft table by the time I finished, and I was leaving a trail of paper bits behind me everywhere I went. But that’s all part of the paper crafting fun!

The printable patterned papers and number die-cutting templates that I used in my project can be purchased over on k.becca, and I bundled everything together at a special discount price if you’d like to purchase the papers and numbers together.

photo by Kristen Magee

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3 comments on “Silhouette Advent Calendar + Promotion

  1. Karen commented //

    Just stumbled upon this… two years later! It’s adorable. I really love it.

  2. sheila commented //

    So, did where did you end up finding the cubby hole/box thing in the end? I want t make one of these!

  3. kristen commented //

    sheila – The box was actually sold by Silhouette America a couple of years ago, and the awesome news is that they brought it back this year! You can get a great deal on it during their Black Friday sale. Here’s the link (the box is at the bottom right on the page) :

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