Silent Film-Inspired Cards

Silent Movie Inspired Cards

There’s something about a silent film that’s so very stylish, particularly the dialogue frames, which stand on their own as graphic elements within the film. The letterpress aces at Starshaped Press are silent film buffs, and their latest collection of letterpress cards, “Silents Are Golden”, pays homage to the beloved genre.

Starshaped tracked down the antique metal typefaces used for film intertitles and created subtly ornate-framed sentiments that look like they just stepped out of a Lillian Gish film. The antique type and ornaments are printed on steel gray paper with silver ink (a nod to the silver screen?), and a light, varnish-like tint makes each frame pop.

Check out the cards in the collection:

Silent Film Thank You Card

Silent Film Birthday Card

Silent Film Good News Card

Silent Film The Moon Card

images from Starshaped Press

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4 comments on “Silent Film-Inspired Cards

  1. Rach commented //

    Do you know the name of the font they used? LOVE it! =)

  2. kristen commented //

    Rach – I’m not sure which metal typefaces they used, but you might want to check out these silent film-ish fonts: Meyer Two, LHF Silent Movie, Parisian, and Perisphere.

  3. Jen Starshaped commented //

    Thanks so much for the shout out! We used a typeface called Pastel, that was designed in Chicago specifically for silent films. It’s a metal typeface, though I think there’s a similar digital version. We also worked in a bit of Announcement Roman here and there. Hope that helps!

  4. kristen commented //

    It was my pleasure, Jen, and thanks so much for the typeface information!

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