Review : Pretty Quilled Cards by Cecelia Louie

Pretty Quilled Cards by Cecelia Louie

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Pretty Quilled Cards : 25+ Creative Designs for Greetings & Celebrations is a fantastic book for the quilling beginner, and more experienced quilling artists will find plenty of great ideas within its pages, too.

I first became interested in quilling when I came across an article about it in a holiday crafts magazine back in the 90’s, and I’m familiar with the more traditional shapes and forms that quilling artists use to build shapes and patterns, having done some quilling myself over the years. But Cecelia Louie’s non-traditional style opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities, which I’ll get into a bit later.

First, let’s talk basics. This book does an excellent job of letting you know exactly what tools and supplies you’ll need to get started, and I love that the basic quilling technique descriptions are accompanied by step-by-step images. Having something to look at and compare to, especially when you’re just starting out, is so helpful.

Loose Scroll Quilling Techniques | Cecelia Louie

Cecelia shares some pretty awesome tips and techniques of her own throughout the book, too. Artists and crafters don’t always share the really good secrets – you know, the tips and techniques that will really make a difference – but this is not the case at all here. Cecelia’s gluing, scoring, and paper marking techniques, alone, make this book a keeper. But she really caught my attention with her non-traditional, loose scroll techniques. These open, airy scrolls are one of the keys to achieving the clean, modern look for which Cecelia is known. And she not only shows you how to make them, but she also incorporates them into the projects featured in the book.

Pretty Quilled Cards (sample project page)

Speaking of projects, I love how they’re laid out in Pretty Quilled Cards. Every project includes a finished image of the featured craft, as well as the skills you’ll need to complete the project (with corresponding page numbers listed, so you can go back and refresh said skills, if necessary). A skill level is also listed for each project, so if you’re a beginner you’ll know which projects are best to start with, and if you’re a more experienced quiller you’ll be able to check out the more complex projects.

Pretty Quilled Cards (project page detail)

Here’s where it really gets good. Each project includes a list of the project components, with an illustration beside each component showing the length of quilling paper needed and the exact places where you’ll need to score / glue / cut the pieces to create the component. So helpful! In addition, each project includes an actual-size illustration of the quilled design, so you’ll be able to compare your own components to make sure that you’re scaling and shaping them properly. The book also contains any templates or background images that you’ll need to complete a project, with photocopy instructions, as needed.

Pretty Quilled Cards (Jam Jar Thank You)

You’ll find all sorts of fun details in the projects featured in the book. Some of my favorites are the wavy detail on the baby buggy baby shower card (p. 32), the sweet little bow on the thank you bouquet card (p. 52), and the swirly peach on the jam jar thank you (p. 56 – shown above). Plus, you’ll find several projects that are not cards, including heart-themed place cards, cute wine glass charms, and darling cupcake toppers.

There are so many inspirational and useful ideas and techniques to be found in Pretty Quilled Cards : 25+ Creative Designs for Greetings & Celebrations, all presented in a clear and easy-to-understand format. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in quilling, beginners and more experienced quilling artists alike.

photos by Kristen Magee

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  1. Shayla commented //

    There was an entire booth of Quilled Cards at the Stationery Show, they were so detailed and beautiful; you would have loved them!

  2. kristen commented //

    Shayla – I’d love to know the name of the company with the quilled cards so I can check them out!

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