Quick Picks Thursday : 3.15.12

Ruler Promo Trip Print Press

Letterpress Ruler Self Promo by Trip Print Press (fun!)

This Week’s Picks

Pantone sweets by Emilie Griottes – so very clever! – via Creature Comforts

♥ Loving the hand-lettered fonts by Gerren Lamson (will definitely be adding some of these to the Fontly Five). – via Benign Objects

♥ Ooh, glossy.

♥ A jaw-droppingly amazing paper art installation by Nuria Mora.

♥ Free vintage paper scans (for personal and business use) from Oh, Hello Friend.

♥ I’m going to have to pick myself up one of these. – via Mint

♥ Such a great branding package for Teplitsky’s by Mucca Design.

image from Trip Print Press

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