Quick Picks : 8.28.14

Shirokuma Rice (cutest rice packaging ever!) | Ishikawa RyutaShirokuma Rice (cutest rice packaging ever!) by Ishikawa Ryuta

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Navigating the Unknown, a poster series and partner + client holiday gift by Uncorked Studios.

♥ If you love scratch off stuff – lottery tickets, those little pin number thingies on the back of gift cards, etc. – then I think you’ll dig these clever, scratch off greeting cards.

♥ Clever, artsy, AND edible = right up my alley.

♥ Three dimensional + letterpress business cards featuring a dapper elk. Hello, awesome! – via

♥ Speaking of super cool, three dimensional things, check out this diy origami bowtie tutorial from Fiber Lab. – via

image from FPO

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One thought on “Quick Picks : 8.28.14

  1. Ann Martin commented //

    Those ‘paint tubes’ would be such a great gift to give a chocoholic artist!

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