Quick Picks : 2.6.14

Hand Lettered Baby Shower Invitations | Moglea

Hand Lettered Baby Shower Invitations | Moglea

This Week’s Picks

♥ Check out these super cute printable valentines and anti-valentines by Heidi Kenney.

♥ Amazingly realistic crepe paper botanical creations by Anandamayi Arnold. I initially thought that they were real fruits, flowers, and vegetables.

♥ Looking to take your lettering skills to the next level? Have a look at Layouts for Lettering: Hierarchy, Composition, and Type Systems, a new online course taught by Jon Contino.

♥ Lots of great, illustrated and lettered prints happening at Super Precious Art Gallery’s Third Annual Groundhog Day mini-show. Bing!

♥ I am totally digging the hand lettering and neon pink|black|gray palette in the Arts Connect Booklet, designed by Claire Hartley.

♥ Looking for a paper-y job in the Portsmouth, NH area? Gus & Ruby is hiring!

image from Moglea

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One thought on “Quick Picks : 2.6.14

  1. Paper guillotines commented //

    I’ve been looking for baby shower invitations for a while. These are some of the best designs I have seen.

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