Questions for Carina of Crow & Canary

If you are a stationery, invitation, or paper gift designer, or if you are just curious about stationery reps or the ins and outs of having your line repped, don’t forget to post your questions for Carina of Crow & Canary! The second part of her guest blog series will address your questions and answer common questions asked about stationery reps.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and Happy Passover and Happy Easter to those who are celebrating these holidays!

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2 comments on “Questions for Carina of Crow & Canary

  1. Sincerely, commented //

    I love this site!!!!! It has been such an inspiration to me as I start my little design shoppe! I read this Q&A post and hopped someone would ask about printing. I am not sure that Carina can help, but I am having a very hard time finding quality printing resources for short runs. I have a couple of clients who have asked me to design wedding invites (the whole set) but have quantities of 120. Three printers have turned me down, and I worry about sending something so important to a “quickie” printer. The color and design has to be just right…..not to mention the paper! And, what about persoanlized stationary? How do you print short runs? Help?

  2. linda commented //

    ooo – yes if anyone knows of good short-run printers in USA and Europe, please share?! I always want to get things professionally printed, but nicer than the quickie printers that don’t seem to have good quality paper choices…what to do? Where do all those Etsy store owners and similar design shops get their printing done?

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