Playing with Books Review + Giveaway!

Playing with Books

I’m giving away a copy of Playing with Books! Find out how to enter the giveaway at the bottom of this post.

Can I just say how stoked I am about the fact that so many wonderful paper craft and letterpress books are being published lately? When Playing with Books by Jason Thompson of Rag & Bone Bindery came out earlier this year, I couldn’t wait to check it out. Luckily, I had the chance to have an in-person look through the book at the National Stationery Show this past May, and I was instantly smitten. Jason & company were kind enough to send me a copy to review, and we’ll be giving away a copy, too! Keep reading for details about how to enter the giveaway.

Playing with Books Crafts

I know that there are some who are against repurposing old books for crafts, and if we were talking about repurposing a Gutenberg Bible or something of that nature, I’d be right there with them. But there are so many old books languishing on bookshelves and in thrift stores everywhere that I think it’s a great thing to take them and breathe new life into them by using them as a medium for creative expression. In other words, I’m completely pro-book crafts!

Playing with Books Woven Basket

Playing with books is an in-depth collection of book art and craft projects by Jason Thompson and several other paper artists, and I love that the book also contains a curated collection of inspirational and jaw droppingly fantastic pieces by paper artists like Su Blackwell, Jill Sylvia, Robert The, and Nicola Dale.

Playing with Books Kusudama

The book features a wide range of projects, which include everything from the lovely kusudama table number embellishment shown above (these would be wonderful for place settings at everything from weddings to dinner parties, too) to little paper houses, a butterfly mobile, a really cool business card holder (I saw this in person – it rocks), a “book” bag, several ornament crafts, and a woven paper basket.

You can also find a section at the front of the book with suggestions for materials and supplies, techniques, and sources for finding books to use in your projects. Very helpful, especially for those who are new to crafting with books.

Playing with Books is a very well-rounded collection of projects and inspiration for those who are ready to start using books and book pages as a medium, and it’s also a great resource for those who just like looking a pretty things made with books.

So, do you want to win a copy? I know you do! Here’s how:

From now through midnight eastern on Tuesday, September 28, you can enter to win a copy of Playing with Books (one entry per person) by commenting on this post and letting me know what paper craft or crafts you’ve made so far this year, a paper craft or crafts that you plan to make in the coming months, or a paper craft that you’ve seen and really dig. Just one of the above is all I need, but you can share as much as you’d like. The craft doesn’t have to incorporate books in some way, but it would be neat if it does. I can’t wait to hear what you all are up to and what paper crafts you like!

The winner will be announced on Wednesday, September 29.

images from Jason Thompson/Quarry Books

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103 comments on “Playing with Books Review + Giveaway!

  1. Debb commented //

    I have made some paper punch cards I really enjoyed. I loved the looks book inspired craft but the bibliophile in me has always been very scared of hurting books. I would love to see if that phobia is covered in this book. =) Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. Brenna commented //

    I have been meaning to make the kusudama flower! I want to make a whole bunch and make them into a ball.

  3. Jes commented //

    I made a pumpkin out of cardboard just this week. I figure I should try to make most of my fall decor myself and my favorite medium is paper!

  4. notabilia commented //

    In the past few months, I have made: invitations for a bridal shower, a guest book for my brother’s wedding, at least a dozen greeting cards, several bookmarks, eight origami boxes for my parents (for gift giving), and can’t-remember-how-many gift tags. Soon, I will be making (at least): a bound book for a future scrapbook project, a box of Diwali cards and a box of Chinese New Year cards. Please, please, please pick me!

  5. Shayna commented //

    I got married this month so all of my paper crafting has been wedding-related: 5 styles of belly bands for the invitations, inner and outer envelopes, programs, table cards and table numbers. I’m looking forward to crafting deadline-free from now on!

  6. Alyssa commented //

    I work in the custom wedding stationery biz. Wedding and paper love everyday! 🙂

  7. Marriah commented //

    This looks like a fabulous book! I haven’t made them in the past year, but I’ve framed my wedding paper products (all handmade by me!) including our program, invitation, menu, save the date, thank you cards, and a select few decorations. This year I have made invitations to my husband’s surprise med-school graduation party. I have recently been loving all the handmade baskets, photo frames, and other items made from rolled magazine pages and I’m planning on trying my hand at that technique.

  8. rebecca commented //

    i just started a bookbinding class where i am learning a lot of different ways to sew a book together. i have also started teaching my 6 year old niece very simple origami folds – she loves it and it is something fun we can do together (then we put on little plays with the characters we make).

  9. Carmen commented //

    Not sure this qualifies as a paper craft, it may, but I made a gift bow out of a recycled plastic Target bag. I found a tutorial on one of the website and it turned out pretty nice. My next paper craft is to make a small wastebasket out of all the colorful pages I have been collecting from catalogs and magazines–I’ll roll them into thin cylinders and glue onto a box or large tin can.

  10. Brooke commented //

    I would love this book! I love wrapping gifts in newspaper and would love to learn some new ways to make them beautiful! I work for a stationery and calendar company but my newest adventure at home was taking some old storage boxes and wrapping them in beautiful paper to give them a fresh new look and more decorative!

  11. Moose commented //

    I am paper addicted since I am a letterpress printer. I just moved into my new studio and redid an ugly file cabinet in paper maps and also all my switch plate covers. Tail wags + paper 4 ever.
    ~Moose PS…I am a paper nibbler

  12. Heather commented //

    Recently I have been making notecards from origami paper. They are super cute and fun to make. I really want to try making the kusudama flower! So pretty! Also, I am thinking about making some paper mache owls and birdies! Yay!

  13. Pat Baker/Silver Rabbit Studio commented //

    Well! I have JUST found your site through Papertrey Ink! I am putting you at THE TOP of my yahoo portal. Yum! The designs and letterpress stuff is sooo interesting to me right now. I’ve been doing lots of paperstuff this year, and journals are my latest craze – getting the ones for $1 from the Michaels’ bins and redoing the covers with gesso, texture, colors, layering cutouts, shimmering, embossing, layer, copics, layer. I LOVE how I can use so many tools, techniques and supplies that I have accumulated the last few years (yes, they DO have purpose!)LOL! I have paperbag journals on my TO-DO list soon. There’s a great tutorial out there for making it look like Leather! I might try some fusing of plastic bags for a cover as well. There just aren’t enough hours in the day! The new book looks scrumptious! Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  14. Brooke commented //

    I have plans to make a paper flower bouquet, but I’m not very crafty, so we’ll see how that goes.

  15. Sam commented //

    I have been fond of stationaty papers since I was a young girl, always writing to penpals and friends on cute papers.
    I have made some origami and home made cards for friends and family. Lately I have been tryign to create my own logos using software, possibly for business cards and a unique signature. I know I will make more homemade cards for Christmas and birthdays. Possibly even crafting some things for my little boy’s birthday next month (as well as bake lots of cupcakes!) Also, I love the idea of reducing waste and try to incorporate wasted packaging into my crafts.

  16. Julie commented //

    I make greeting cards all the time, but my favorite project this year was to make cards to raffle off to support my 3-day walk to fight breast cancer. I was so proud of how much money they raised!

    My favorite non-greeting-card-related project was to make giant flower balls (a la House of Smiths) for my daughter’s 3rd birthday party. Huge styrofoam balls covered with crepe paper rosettes. So pretty! She was psyched!

  17. Sandra commented //

    I am generally anti-book crafts, but I’ve thought of one that I’ve been meaning to try for a while now. My plan is to carefully deconstruct an old ratty version of a novel I like, and turn the pages into a wall hanging. I don’t have a lot of wall space though, so I can only put up parts of the book I really love. We rent, not own, our place, otherwise I’d be attempting to convince the SO to let me plaster the entire wall with book pages.

  18. Wendy commented //

    I am a librarian, so I have all kinds of abused and discarded books at my disposal that are begging to be “upcycled” into something fabulous from this book. I make pop cap magnets out of the racy parts of trashy romances, gift bows out of dictionary pages, and am going to try my hand at a book cover purse from a legal book when the weather turns blustery. Keep up the inspiration–we need it!

  19. Iliana commented //

    I´m a box fanatic, I like to keep things in order inside boxes, so I like to decorate them. A month ago I painted with watecolor paint white sheets to make decorated paper to wrap the boxes. They look pretty 🙂

  20. alli b commented //

    Earlier this year, Anthropologie had a wonderful display theme here in Boulder using books.
    I have been collaborating with my mom, a bookbinder, making keepsake envelope books with letterpress signatures.

  21. Mela Romo commented //

    nice looking book! i made a book page wreath with rolled pages and i loved it so much that i made many more and gave as Christmas presents last year. i also made one for a silent auction fundraiser and it was a big hit!

  22. Jess commented //

    I’ve been catching up on my scrapbooking and making birthday cards with all those goodies at PaperSource!

  23. Stephanie commented //

    I found the way The Decoder Ring reused old books to promote the band The Decemeberists to be absolute genius. Truly bringing new life to the books.

    “What began as a promotional concert poster project for the literary-themed rock band, The Decemberists, took the form of a book cover for 500 salvaged Reader’s Digest compendiums.

    The resulting “promo-books” were placed in record shops, cafes, bookstores and bars across the city, creating buzz for the event.”

  24. Andrea D. commented //

    Oh my goodness…. what haven’t I made! I’m working on two weddings and all their accompanying showers plus a baby birth announcement. Sooo invitations, place cards, water bottle labels, tags, magnets, you name it!

  25. Greg commented //

    Lately, I have been making paper portraits. Unlike silhouettes, I use betwen 4-6 colors to give the picture more detail. After looking at the pics from the book, I want to design a window display for my local used bookstore that I spend way too much money in.

  26. Vanessa commented //

    I’ve been playing with different gift wrapping embellishments, like paper accordion flowers, flower pompoms, the kusudama flowers. i’ve been trying to make cards and gift tags too. I love paper projects!

  27. Elisa commented //

    I LOVE using old books and found papers to make journals, mixed media pieces and scrapbooks. I just finished up a scrapbook using old piano music books, as well as an old atlas for a travel scrapbook.
    Next up, I have an old typing shorthand book that I found at a garage sale, that I want to repurpose… just figuring out the best use for it.
    Did I mention that I love paper?!?!

  28. Angie commented //

    I’m just getting into bookbinding and am smitten with all things bookish! I’m working on journals and photo albums and have made an accordian book. I’ve had my eye on “Playing With Books” for a few months now and can’t wait to get my hands on one! Maybe Tuesday will be my lucky day 🙂

  29. MissJillian commented //

    I’ve made homemade greeting cards (birthday, get well soon, anniversary, sympathy, etc.), I’ve helped make tissue poms for a wedding, butterfly napkin rings for the same wedding, and I’m working on some party invitations right now.

  30. Meg commented //

    Lately a birthday banner and bird collages for the grandchildren…..

  31. Lucie commented //

    most recently I made origami cranes for my sister’s wedding. They turned out really well. There is nothing more mystical then the endless of art of paper making and crafting. Thanks for the sweet giveaway.

  32. Emily commented //

    Just this past week I made the cutest favor cones and a birthday party hat for a friend who was hosting a little party. They came out beautifully!
    I love the idea of repurposing old books. If they aren’t going to be read anyway, they make a great origin for so many other things!

  33. Erica A. commented //

    I love upcycling books and would love this book! This year my big project is a little low-key but I’m making a long clothesline with mini-prints for a big, long wall in my apartment. Sounds lame when I type it out, but words won’t really do it justice. 🙂

  34. Linda commented //

    I always have little to-do lists in my handbag. This year I thought I’d really like to make myself personalized little note book. One that works for my list making needs. So I did. I modge-podged it and use it everyday.

    The book sounds wonderful. Wonderful way to incorporate your love for books, paper, crafts and re-purposing.

  35. Cherie commented //

    I love to doodle, so instead of buying graduation, thank you, and goodbye cards, I made my own! Friends and family seemed to enjoy them a lot more than a store-bought card 🙂

  36. Betty commented //

    i would love to win this book, but since winning is not my forte i will just have to buy it! i am a retired library/media specialist and so books have always been a big part of my life. have lots that i use in making my cards and then there are some i can’t bear to use. thanks for a chance to win.

  37. Laura commented //

    This book looks so fun!
    This past year, I’ve bought a table top letterpress, having no prior experience in printing, where I learned all on my own how to use it. I’ve made two sets of wedding invitations, place cards and favor cards.

    It was a challenge that required LOTS of work and learning curves but I have patience for letterpress because I absolutely LOVE it. I love the antique process, the way the paper feels and, of course, the effect of the beautiful impression it makes.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  38. Jorna commented //

    I love the blog because I love paper. I’ve made my own paper and have remade little children’s books into personal diaries. I’ve collected articles, images and ideas of crafts and art with paper and every two years I go visit the Paper Art Biennale in The Netherlands. I’ve written books with paper projects with children and I’ve written a novel about paper and folding. For my birthday I got another wonderful book called Papercraft that I ‘read’ every night before going to sleep and dreaming about paper but I was amazed that a few paper artists weren’t in it. One of them being Su Blackwell..! So I would love this book and hope it can inspire me with the paperart I love to make.I would like to combine the folding and cutting of layers of paper with drawing.

  39. Susan W commented //

    Cards is the thing that I make the most of – I like giving people a personalised card. But I also make scrapbook pages, books, favours for parties, little origami boxes to put chocolates and treats into and more.
    This book looks wonderful – I’d love to try making things out of a book – we have so many that we just don’t read anymore.

  40. lindsay commented //

    wow!!! what a fabulous book…i love all things paper and recently made a triple strand necklace from recycled mags…my next project will be favour bags for our thanksgiving dinner…

  41. Mary commented //

    This book looks awesome! Would love to win. Lately I have been working on a series of four paper/mixed media collages for my bedroom.

  42. Louann D commented //

    As a church librarian, we always have discarded books available. Would love to use these ideas to create items that will inspire others to take these free discarded books and create something new and useful.

    Recently I took an old hymnal, removed the covers (leaving the spine attached), folded each page toward the spine and voila! the result is a nifty note, card, photo, holder. Got this idea from Flea Market Style magazine!

  43. Ardis Bartle commented //

    I collect Brian Dettmer, and his work is fabulous!
    He cuts up books into wonderful pieces of art! Totally different level than Sue Blackwell, another one of my favorite artists!

  44. Lisa K commented //

    I’ve been making Halloween door decorations recently. I love all paper and have saved far too many different types to ever be able to use them all. That’s okay because sometimes I just like to look at them. I recently made wedding invitations for my daughter’s best friend. Won’t be making those for my daughters. Way too much pressure. My daughter did tell me that everyone at the wedding reception came up to her and commented on how beautiful the invitations her mom made were. I’m still not doing it ever again! Give me paper, give me book, me be very happy!

  45. Marlena commented //

    I am not a paper artist, but as long as I can remember, I’ve coveted stationery and loved writing notes and letters to friends and family. Thrugh this blog I’ve discovered many new artists and have purchased new prints. What can I saw – I love paper and everything on it!

  46. Jared commented //

    My friends and I are dressing up as teenage mutant turtles for halloween all made out of cardboard boxes. Last year we all did duct tape costumes. I’m excited to try one of those book vases. They seem like such a simple idea….and yet alas….the thought never crossed my mind. Funny thing too – I’m certain that in my lifetime I must have seen 10’s of books if not 100’s.

  47. Connie commented //

    Playing with Books looks so inspiring..I’m intrigued with the dress on the cover–so lovely and a beautiful way to incorporate love of words into the home in a more present way. I’ve been working on paper fluted wreathes. I love paper and glue and beautiful packages.. I’m always trying to make things that delight the eye and surprise the recipient! ✻´¨)
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)LOVE LOVE LOVE PAPERCRAVE BLOG!!
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´✻

  48. Sandra commented //

    I make kirigami (japanese cutting). I really enjoy finding real japanese pattern. They are my favorite.

    see you on your great blog.

  49. Susie W. commented //

    I made a boxed set of garden themed greeting cards and seed packets as a gift for a friend (she has given me seeds and plants from her garden.) I am making all of my Christmas cards this year; I’ve made around 40 now. I have used pages from old books as backgrounds for a few cards that I’ve created. I love paper crafting!

  50. Bente S. commented //

    Looks like a book with lots of great ideas. Right now I am making pumpkins out of stripes of paper for a Halloween class I have coming up the 27th. I am a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator so I love to play with paper…a lot!

  51. Jeanette commented //

    I love paper crafts but the most recent paper craft was inspired by a crying child on the tram at the Botanical Gardens. I made him an origami crane that flaps its wings when you pull the tail. It calmed him down and kept him occupied while his parent enjoyed the tour.

  52. mrstjshelby commented //

    I love to use found papers in my scrapbooking. I’ve been thinking about making a wreath from repurposed books – can you imagine one created with those kusudama flowers?

  53. Linda K Eggleston commented //

    The book looks so interesting especially since I have so many wonderful crafts things I have been collecting over the last several years. I am not able to imagine things very well on my own but I get inspired by seeing what can be done and I can pick up from there. I have made some stamped cards and cut up old gretting cards to incorporate in the templates design. I just retired two weeks ago so my dream is to set up a craft room to get started in all my dreams and learn any techniques I can to help me put my collections of craft items to good use. I love items taken from old books and magazines and also sayings to use in journaling. This book sounds like it would be a great assistant for ideas of learning.

  54. Stephanie commented //

    If I loved working with something more than paper it would be books!
    I deconstruct old books with gorgeous covers and reconstrauct them using a mixture of old and new paper – sewing pattern paper, old film processing packets, supermarket sales paper…anything and everything!

    The combined effect is journal rich in texture and history – the perfect place to record inspiration and to be inspired.

    (I’d be a kid in a candy store with a copy of Playing With Books)

    <3 ShePinTea

  55. Kim commented //

    I love making invitations and one of the most fun and tedious projects I did was making pockets for my sister-in-law’s wedding invites. It’s all fall themed and now I have a ton of orange translucent paper left over. I want to make some Halloween luminaries with it for my windows.

  56. Lisa commented //

    I’m with those people who don’t like to cut up books. I had a client ask me for circles made out of book pages for some wreathes she sells in her store. I offered to instead of cutting actual book pages, I would recreate any text she wanted on book like paper using photoshop. This way I saved the books and was able to customize the text for her project according to the theme of the wreath.

  57. Natalie commented //

    I’m working on a piece of wall art for my new apartment that’s all books! It will be a big wooden frame hanging over the couch (around 4 feet wide, 2-3 feet tall) and inside the frame I’m gluing pieces of my favorite books in varying thickness (some just a page, some 20 or so pages). I want them to jump out of the wall! I just got my first shipment of tired used books and my husband and I are selecting our favorite part of each to be included in the piece. I’ve never crafted with books before, but this feels like the right idea for our place. I would love more ideas on what to do with the leftover pieces of books.

    PS – Where I actually got this idea is even more entertaining 🙂

  58. pamela commented //

    As much as I am obsessed with paper I haven’t actually made too many things out of the wonderful stuff. I am ALWAYS attracted to things made out of books though. In the past I have made many items using oragami including check book covers, passport covers and stationary kits. I am moving right now but when I get settled I want to try and make a wreath from book pages. I would love this book for more inspiration!

  59. Nina commented //

    My niece was born over a year ago, but I only just recently finished making a scrapbook of photos of her from when she was a few weeks old. I haven’t even begun to contemplate scrapbooking the more current photos I have of her (not to mention the thousands of other photos I’ve taken that are sitting on my hard drive 🙂 )

  60. Patricia commented //

    This one sounds and looks sooo interesting! I´m all into origami, here´s the link to my humble blog

    Thanks for the opportunity anyway!

  61. Leia commented //

    I made paper shoes and filled them with candy for my coworkers. They loved them.

  62. Melinda commented //

    I recently made a flower garland from paper, and re-covered an old tin in paper washi tape. I love the paper basketweave from this lovely book, I would like to attempt it.
    Thank you!

  63. tracy commented //

    Beautiful book! It looks so inspiring! I’m working on paper garland using vintage music books. And creating a travel book for my trip next week, using things I have in my office.

  64. michelle commented //

    So far this year I’ve been designing greeting cards, wedding invitations and birthday invitations. I am also doing alot of sewing…making laptop bags and business card pouches.

    I am also sourcing alot of paper and fabric from Reverse Garbage for my projects. I like to re-use as much as possible.

    Love the blog. It is very inspiring.


  65. Robyn commented //

    I make all sorts of “postcards” or old letters and send them to my friends! It’s so fun.

  66. Taylor commented //

    I took a book making class this year in college and it was wonderful. It introduced me to new and exciting ways to make art, whether it be using old books or making new ones. It also introduced me to some really amazing book artists. Su Blackwell and Brian Dettmer are two of my favorites!

    This year my schools library was throwing away a lot of books. Instead of letting them become trash I repurposed them and gave them a new life by using some for art projects. Using cyanotype I made a silhouette of a bust portrait on each page and then sewed the edges together to make what resembled kind of a paper quilt of portraits.
    I have also made and continue to make jewelry and books from paper.

  67. Amanda commented //

    I am a primary school teacher and I have made different origami animals with my children based on what we are learning. I also made gorgeous invitations to my sister’s bridal high tea.

  68. Erin commented //

    I am a paper-hoarder. Any beautiful paper. Any cool postcard or announcement or greeting card. If I like it, I keep it. My poor husband is so gracious about the piles in the craft room. (I’m a lucky wifey!) I have a 1-year-old so don’t get much time to paper craft, but I cut up the hoards of paper I have and usually turn them into greeting cards so they can brighten someone else’s day the way they did mine! I’d love to check out this book and get more ideas for ways to use my paper.

  69. Lisa Steger commented //

    I saw Jason’s book at JoAnn’s a couple of weeks ago and LOVED it!! I have visions of re-creating that dress on the cover and wearing it at our next Eco-Fest. Unfortunately the book isn’t in my budget right now. That didn’t keep me from carrying it around the store with me for an hour, though. Right now I’m working on using up paper I have here at home making mini books, scrapbooks, garlands, magazine ad placemats, and mixed-media art.

  70. youngmi commented //

    i saw this book on my last trip to borders and i was mesmerized. i’ve put book buying on hold until i find a new job but this book really tested my will! i’m getting married next fall and am thinking about creating the paper flower buds from playing with books for the reception.

  71. Amanda commented //

    I want to make the paper source paper wreath that you posted about the other day! It is sooo cute! If it turns out good, I want to see what else I can do with those flowers, maybe making a vase with them in it or a bouquet! we’ll have to see!

  72. Nicole Y. commented //

    Well I love to create personalized greeting cards. Cutting out all the different shapes and making it specifically for that person is so much fun!

    I guess the only other “adventurous” thing is making gift bows out of old magazine pages. I can’t get myself to recycle old magazines so I have them in my house- might as well find creative ways to use them with this book!

  73. Claudia commented //

    I love the wonderful ideas in this book! We are looking for eco-friendly (and budget friendly) ways to decorate for our wedding next year. This book has so many good idea’s that I would love to explore and try out. Thank you for the chance to win!

  74. Andria commented //

    Love ANYTHING to do with paper–you’ve heard of “pyromaniacs,” right? Well, some of us are “papermaniacs”! Origami, card making, paper sculpture, just doodling around with a piece of paper…it’s all good. And this book looks like it’ll give us lots more inspiration!

  75. Jill commented //

    This book looks fantastic – so glad you are sharing it! I recently created centerpieces for a birthday party using old vases wrapped in interesting paper patterns & a ribbon on top. I then created some paper flowers attached to dowels and stuck them inside the vases. They were very well received at the party – very colorful & fun!

  76. Tesa commented //

    I love paper…I made mini paper wreaths out of the pages of an old dictionary. They make a great addition to gifts!

  77. Sarah commented //

    That book looks absolutely stuffed with inspiring ideas! I am currently in the process of making a paper wreath entirely out of kusudama flowers with pages from an old book I found.

  78. Joann commented //

    I’m working on a kusudama ball with double-sided 6″ square paper. I’ll attach a ribbon to it so that I can hang it up.

  79. beth commented //

    i’m making hand-made books with my third grade class next week! they’ll make the books and then write their stories in them.

  80. alyssa commented //

    as a recent college grad, i made graduation announcements to send out to family members and i’m about to begin babysitting my younger cousins, so i’m planning to help them make small paper pumpkins that will act as goodie bags for their friends at school! i’m pretty excited!

  81. LisaT commented //

    This summer I made a small bowl from rolled magazine pages. was a big hit with friends and family, so I’ll be creating a few more to give as holiday gifts.

  82. Chris commented //

    I want to have a try at making those cute kusudama flowers as they look really beautiful

  83. Cassi, San Diego commented //

    For the last week I have been working on handmade invitations for my baby shower…I know weird that I’m making my own. But my mom is hosting the party and I wanted to contribute by doing something I love. Also have two vacation scrapbooks that were supposed to be finished this summer but are still sitting on top of my crafting area. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  84. Robin Brickman commented //

    I love seeing the imaginative use of paper and printing methods on papercrave. My own artwork for picture books is cut and hand-shaped watercolors on watercolor paper. I hope that the paintings, in person and in the books, inspire people to love paper as much as I (and fans of papercrave) do. Thanks for the daily dose of inspiration!

  85. Dawn Shaw commented //

    I ahve made quite a few fabric books, and everynow and then a craft with paper–washer necklaces using scrapbook paper, or old music sheets. I ocassionally stitch paper cards adding bits of paper and fabric or trims. I googled the book for more info and it looks AWESOME. I would love to be inspired by it here in my home! Just discovered your blog today–halloweeen papers!

  86. Words and Eggs commented //

    What a fabulous looking book!
    I have made several paper craft projects, from mail art to family tree collages.
    Would love more inspiration!
    Thanks for a wonderful giveaway 🙂

  87. Jess commented //

    I have been super into crafting with books lately! I have made gift tags, cards, banners and letter magnets. It is a way to bring my two loves together. This book looks divine.

  88. Julia Prohaska commented //

    I have seen so many ideas with books that I adore, yet have not experimented much myself. I am getting ready to make halloween invites, for chili(witches brew)before trick-or-treating. I will be using toilet paper rolls, wrapped with tissue, resembling a ‘popper’ decorated on the outside, stamped with ‘happy halloween’, ‘come to a party’ some glitter thrown in. rolled up invite inside filled with candy corn and paper punched little black bats using Martha Stewart paper punch…!

  89. designjr commented //

    I just love paper and find it hard to know where to begin with all the possible crafts! This year though I’ve been getting into blank journal making and have developed a range of 3d books including a cupcake which I’m hoping to make available through my etsy shop very soon. A sneak preview can be seen on my cake blog –

  90. Mary commented //

    I am surrounded by books everyday at work, and love to pick up the vintage books that are for sale in our Friends of the Library Used Book Room for decorating and crafts. Thanks for offering the giveaway… so much inspiration to behold!

  91. Kitty commented //

    As a librarian, I know that some books can go the way of the craft project. Not every book is made to live on until it turns to dust. This book looks like lots of fun for the book lover in all of us. I know I would love to try my hand at making art from the discarded books. My latest project was a stamp camp outing at a friend’s house where we made vintage Christmas cards. I learned five new ideas and made 10 cards for the holidays. Nice blog.

  92. Emma-Jane commented //

    The written word has inspired generations of writers, poets, artists and dreamers for centuries. So it stands to reason that books can inspire the creative arts, not just in the words we read but as a physical and very poignant vehicle for self expression. As someone who has spend many an hour in a dusty old archive, I have a lot of respect for the written word. But while i can appreciate the beauty of a timeless, perfectly bound classic, I too support re-envisioning the purpose of books otherwise abandoned, into beautiful pieces of art. I absolutely love rag & Bone bindery and would be honored to own a copy of their latest inspiring book. I have been playing with paper for as long as I can remember and recently discovered kusudama flowers whilst getting my daily paper blog fix and have been creating ever since. PAPERCRAVE you ROCK!!! keep up the great work.

  93. Mystica commented //

    The kusudama flowers are the one thing I think I could do and with maybe a few variations in color would look so gorgeous!

    I just came into your blog and would love to be counted in!

  94. Tammy commented //

    The book looks beautiful. Working on folding pages in a book to create a wall sculpture. Sure these have been around a while, but still think it is kinda cool.

    Fingers crossed for the win 🙂

  95. Ayumi commented //

    I book bind so I’ve made a few books in the past month. I love coptic bind because it exposes the spine. But I’m also designing my wedding invitations so I’ll get to letterpress soon!

  96. rachael s commented //

    This book looks like its full of really great projects and ideas. I have been busy working on some wedding invitations and greeting cards for my side business. It would be great to play with paper in books to get some new ideas. 🙂

    I just recently found your blog and i love it!

  97. Jess commented //

    This book looks so interesting! I have piles of collected magazines that are waiting to be made into beads, paper bowls, collages, envelopes and whatever else I can think of doing with them. I guess I’ve been to scared to cut up a book before now. But I really do enjoy seeing what people can do with old vintage books that no one is going to read anymore… 🙂

  98. Robin A. commented //

    I’d love to win this book. It’s amazing to see that there are so many possible ways to create beautiful new things with books. And I love paper craft. I did the decoration with paper for my daughter’s first birthday party. It took me two months to finish it but it was worth it. I’d like to make holiday cards and Christmas ornaments with paper on my own this year. Thank you and I love your blog!

  99. matt commented //

    Book! Want! Paper! Crafting! Oh man, I’ve been getting so crafty lately. Made up a batch of homemade paper last week (out of recycled newspaper and old credit card statements) and this week I made a bowl out of folded magazine pages (sort of like this). Just putting the finishing touches on it this evening. I’m very excited.

    ANYWAY, I’d love to win this book and I love your blog.

  100. Amy commented //

    I made some letterpress gift tags for my parents. Every year at Christmas they write funny “to” and “from” tags to each other (i.e. To: Lois Lane, From: Superman). I letterpressed the best ones and I’m going to hang them on red & white twine so they can be used as Christmas decoration (on the tree? maybe on the mantle of the fireplace?)


  101. kathryn commented //

    I need new ideas, inspiration! I do wedding calligraphy and get to see lots of beautiful envelopes, but rarely an invite. Would love to find a new craft to keep my hands busy with something other than ink!