Paper Source 2009 Letterpress Desk Calendar

Paper Source Letterpress Calendar

I’m so thankful to live in an area where I can wander into a physical Paper Source, but I have to admit that it’s very difficult for me to stay focused after I’m in the door. I almost always have something specific that I’m looking for when I go, but I inevitably end up dazed and confused after a few minutes.

Do I look at the greeting cards? The wall of gift wrap? The ribbons and embellishments? The stamps and paper punches? The glues and glitter? And it goes on and on…until my brain is overloaded and I’m just about laying on the floor in a pool of my own drool.

However, I had a rare moment of clarity during my last visit, when I spotted Paper Source’s beautiful 2009 letterpress desktop calendar amidst a display of the 2009 Snow & Graham calendars. Who knew that giraffes and retro-inspired Christmas trees would snap me right out of my my paper goods induced daze?! Seriously, though, it’s a great looking calendar.

image from Paper Source

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2 comments on “Paper Source 2009 Letterpress Desk Calendar

  1. Sarah commented //

    I live in Atlanta and Paper Source is opening a store in Virginia Highlands this Fall!! Thanks for the description of how you feel in a Paper Source store… I will have some idea of what is happening to me when I get to visit in person. 🙂
    And just so you know…. I enjoy your posts so much!

  2. kristen commented //

    Sarah –

    So glad that you enjoy the blog! Hehe, you may want to take someone with you on your first trip to Paper Source, just in case. 😉

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