Paper Crave Halloween Freebies : Spooky Bois Boxes and Stickers

Halloween Freebies

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Halloween Treat Boxes

If you’ve read Paper Crave for any length of time, then you know how I love pretty much anything faux bois. The printable Halloween paper craft of the day is what I call my Spooky Bois Treat Boxes.

The boxes are large enough that they should fit any fun size candy bar (not Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, but why would you be giving those away?!) or an array of smaller candies and treats. They would also work well as favor boxes or even small gift boxes, and I’ve included stickers, too!

Download the Spooky Bois Box (PDF 197 Kb)
Download the Trick or Treat Stickers (PDF 287 Kb)

PDF Preview (about 75% actual size):

Halloween Treat Box

images from Paper Crave

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5 comments on “Paper Crave Halloween Freebies : Spooky Bois Boxes and Stickers

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  3. j. new commented //

    I am so appreciative for the Halloween Freebies! I literally stumbled onto your site when searching for letterpress cards. ( I own a letterpress but spend too much time working to use it ) I have made the garland ( gifts, mostly) printed out several sheets of stickers and also the treat box and printable Halloween papers. You are so generous. These were items that even a novice could do. God Bless you.

  4. Julie commented //

    Thanks so much for sharing your art–I love playing with paper, I look forward to using these boxes in my Halloween treats for my kids!

  5. Helen commented //

    Thank you for your Spooky Bois Treat box … It is very shortly to become a party favour box for a Madagascar themed birthday party! There was I looking for both woodgrain effect paper, and templates for cardboard boxes – in order to make ‘wooden packing crates’ as party bags … and you have it all sewn up! Thank you so much!

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