Orange Beautiful Letterpress Packaging

Orange Beautiful Letterpress

I had to pick my jaw up off the floor yesterday when I spotted a featured on Orange Beautiful’s new letterpress packaging over at The Dieline. What a fantastic concept, and the cards themselves are pretty great, too!

Orange Beautiful Letterpress

Orange Beautiful Letterpress

Orange Beautiful Letterpress

They’ve covered every detail, from the cancelled postage stamp to the routing barcode to the return address area on the back of the “envelope”, which tells you what’s inside. But my favorite part has to be the little custom stamps that tell you whether the set features warm or cool toned envelopes. I’ve been obsessed with stamps lately, and seeing those made me squeal a little. Check out Orange Beautiful’s entire line of Lattice letterpress cards, which feature this awesome packaging.

images from Orange Beautiful

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2 comments on “Orange Beautiful Letterpress Packaging

  1. Jason Thompson commented //

    That has to be the best letterpress card packaging I’ve ever seen. Great job!

  2. Debra SAba commented //

    This is a fabulous way to package stationery! Well done and simply gorgeous!

    Debra Saba, Luxe Expressions.

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