NSS ’12 Preview : Old Tom Foolery

Old Tom Foolery

Words of Wisdom

I haven’t even stepped foot in Old Tom Foolery’s booth (#1550) yet, but I already know that it’s going to be a fun one. These captains of snark have mastered the art of bringing together nostalgia-inducing imagery with oh-no-they-didn’t humor, and their new goodies have me laughing so hard that I may or may not have snorted, and something has to be pretty darn funny to get me to snort.

Anywho, Old Tom Foolery has three new collections, including Words of Wisdom, which features excerpts from an unintentionally funny instructional book from 1891 (in art print form); Magnetic Poetry, a collaborative collection with sleek, mid-century style refrigerator backdrops and hilarous, “magnetic” sentiments; and Marquees – try to imagine these in front of your local church or Son’s of Italy – hilarious!

Magnetic Poetry Cards

Magnetic Poetry

Marquee Cards


images from Old Tom Foolery

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