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A new issue of Nonpareil is here, and it’s a great onel! Issue 5, A Spectrum of Inspiration, features hue-themed spreads in colors like sunshine yellow, lovely plum, and beautiful blue, and there are so many great projects and ideas to inspire. And, if you’re looking for wonderful paper eye candy, then this issue is a must see.

In other magazine news, we welcomed a new editor, Jessica Bishop of The Budget Savvy Bride, who has been wonderful to work with on the project. Jessica and Maddy make a great team, and I wish them well and look forward to seeing what fantastic things they have in store for Nonpareil as I move on from the project after the next issue.

images from Nonpareil Magazine

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2 comments on “Nonpareil #05

  1. Linnette commented //

    Best issue yet! Just breathtaking! Congratulations.

  2. designjr commented //

    So gorgeous! I want to hold an event now…hmmm what shall it be…

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