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I love it when I see creatives rockin’ the status quo, stepping outside the box (heck, kicking down the walls of the box), and doing things in their own way and on their own terms. Yeah, I’ve got a bit of anarchist in me. So, when I saw what Julie from Up Up Creative is doing during the month of September, I started buzzing (that’s what I do when something really gets me excited). And if you’re in the market for wedding invitations, or invitations of any kind, you’ll be buzzing, too.

Up Up Yours (ha!) is an experiment, and a grand one, at that. During the month of September, Julie is asking you to set your own price on your invitations. No minimums, no maximums. Yeah, I think I heard a few jaws drop there. The experiment is about opening up a conversation about value, making you think about the value of handmade, the value of good design, the value of making smart choices with your wedding budget. And there will be awesome invitations involved, of course.

As a fellow designer, I know how awkward the “money” discussion can sometimes be, and I know how hair-pullingly frustrating it can be when you’re going back and forth, trying to set a fair price for your time and your products. There’s often a disconnect between said price and a client or customer’s understanding of where that price comes from, and my hope is that Julie’s experiment will get people talking … and asking lots of questions. Up Up Yours is a pretty awesome, a somewhat wild and wacky, and a totally brave idea. Rock on, Julie!

Want to learn more? Head on over to Up Up for much, much more information, and watch this cool video, too:

image and video from Up Up Creative

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  1. Michelle Ellen commented //

    This is super ballsy, and I can’t wait to see the results!! Good luck with the experiment Julie!

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