More Security Envelope Creativity

A couple of weeks ago, I featured a completely clever little house made by Rebecca of This Chicken using the recycled interiors of security envelopes. I just discovered, thanks to Felt and Wire, that you can also use the patterned innards of the humble security envelope to make very pretty wrappers for soap:

Security Envelope Soap Wrappers

How cool is this?!

Felt and Wire also introduced me to the work of artist Nancy Shapiro, who uses recycled security envelopes, as well as the reply cards that fall out of magazines, to create these incredible collages:

Security Envelope Collage

Security Envelope Collage

Security Envelope Collage

I’m now looking at security envelopes in a completely new light and won’t be so quick to toss them in the the recycling bin.

images from Felt and Wire / Nancy Shapiro

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4 comments on “More Security Envelope Creativity

  1. youngmi commented //

    i’ve been saving my envelopes too! i saw a photo somewhere of prize ribbons made out of old security envelopes and since then i’ve been paying more attention to the patterns in my envelopes than the letters that come in them 🙂

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