Ilee Papergoods 2008 Letterpress Calendar

Ilee 2008 Letterpress Calendar

More letterpress calendar goodness, this time from Ilee Papergoods. The designer (and paper lover) in me is absolutely drooling over all of the printing techniques used in this calendar — letterpress, silkscreen, foil stamping, handpainted accents, and I love the darker background papers used for October, November, and December. $20.00 each at Ilee Papergoods.

Hmm, am I going to have to start collecting calendars now, too?

images from Ilee Papergoods

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3 comments on “Ilee Papergoods 2008 Letterpress Calendar

  1. bethany commented //

    I *love* your blog!

  2. kristen commented //

    Thanks, Bethany!

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