I Love Jezebel…Yes, I Do

I Love Jezebel Greeting Cards

I’ve admired I Love Jezebel’s card creations for quite a while and cannot believe that I haven’t mentioned them here yet. Shamefully, I’ve deprived you of this paper craving…until today!

I Love Jezebel pairs fanciful epigraphs with silhouetted images that are part fantasy and part scherenschnitte, with a touch of aristocracy thrown in for good measure. When I look at their cards, I feel like I’ve stumbled into a foppish fairytale, and I want to stick around for a while.

Featured above (clockwise, from top left): grenouille, vanquished!; henry and gertrude, criminal lovers; honouring valentine; and lulu begone: bookworm, gin drinker. Single cards are $3.50.

images from I Love Jezebel

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