Hello! Lucky Custom Destination Holiday Giveaway

I’m so jazzed to tell you about this holiday giveaway from Hello! Lucky. The company recently launched their new holiday card line, which includes lots of lovely destination holiday photo cards, and they’re offering Paper Crave readers a chance to win 50 custom digital destination holiday invitations (retail value $145)!

Hello Lucky Destination Holiday Cards

Destinations featured in the holiday greetings include Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and London, and there are also designs with a desert scene and a general city skyline, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from if you’re the winner of this fantastic giveaway.

How to enter? I love hearing about local holiday traditions, and you can enter this giveaway by commenting on this post and telling me about a favorite holiday tradition where you live. Does your city put on a great holiday parade? Is there a special tree lighting celebration that you can’t wait to go to every year? And, if your city or town doesn’t have a tradition that strikes your fancy, you can enter by telling me what your favorite family holiday tradition is. I can’t wait to hear about your favorites!

Entries will be taken through Monday, November 15, 2010 at midnight eastern. One entry per person.

images from Hello! Lucky

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37 comments on “Hello! Lucky Custom Destination Holiday Giveaway

  1. Beale Street Chick commented //

    Can’t think of a city tradition, but a family tradition is to drive around the neighborhood (and other) to look at all the Christmas decorations. There are some really creative people out there!

  2. Laura commented //

    Oh gosh, these are awesome! We live in an old neighborhood in Baltimore that has “lakes” (really small ponds) and on Christmas Eve the neighborhood gathers at the lakes and children sing carols and Santa comes. Our little guy is 18 months old and we can’t wait to take him this year!

  3. angie commented //

    Every winter (and it’s not always cold enough with snow), the city pavilion center in my city would make their own ice skating rink outdoor so everyone can have the opportunity to ice skate even if it’s not on a frozen lake or grand like in Central Park of NY. When you have lemons, make lemonade. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Christina commented //

    One of our annual traditions is hot chocolate in the Peabody Hotel lobby (yes, the one with the duckies!). Their Christmas decorations are gorgeous including the 2-story tree. Great for taking pictures of the little ones in their Christmas sweaters.

  5. Laurel G commented //

    In my home town there is a house up i the hills, at the very top of one of the main streets that puts out a GIANT white star. You can see it for miles. Several people have lived in that house, but the star stays with the house, not the owners. And every year that star is lit. It is a great sight to see every year when I go home!

  6. Jennifer K. commented //

    Since I don’t have a large family, we usually celebrate with friends and one of our intimate traditions is watching the Die Hard series with Bruce Willis. It sounds bizarre, but we always end up eating our favorite pumpkin/cream cheese dip and gingersnaps in front of the TV by our fireplace seeing him fight the bad guys and win!

  7. Lacretita @ Ready Heart commented //

    I don’t know about the holiday traditions where I currently live, but when I was young, my family used to drive to downtown Seattle and ride the monorail from the space needle to Westlake center to ride the holiday carousel. I always have fun memories of doing holiday shopping and listening to carolers at that time. Thanks for the chance to win! The new Hello, Lucky holiday cards are gorgeous!

  8. Emily commented //

    Our favorite tradition is taking out the manger scene. Each figure is unwrapped and carefully put up on our mantle. My children LOVE it. Since it’s done the same way every year.

  9. Jacqueline L. commented //

    There is NOTHING like Christmas in Chicago! The snow, the huge tree downtown, the Marshall Field’s Christmas Windows, Millennium Park Ice Skating! I get goosebumps just thinking about it…

    So homesick “sigh”….

  10. Lauren commented //

    My fiance’s family has a lovely new tradition that started a few years ago – on Christmas (or an evening before New Years Eve when the family is together), each person writes a wish for the new year on a little slip of paper, and puts it in a red envelope. At the stroke of midnight, or soon after, the envelopes are burned sending the wishes up into the sky! Its a beautiful tradition that we hope to continue.

    I’d love to win these cards – they’d be lovely to send to our family and friends this year!

  11. julie j. commented //

    my family has always gone caroling to people from our church who are home bound or friends who were having a rough year. afterward we go to someones home and eat treats and have hot cocoa…just perfect!

  12. Beth S commented //

    My favorite family tradition โ€” which we still do even though we’re all adults and married now โ€” is a scavenger hunt that happens every Christmas morning at my parents’ house. We wake up to a bountiful breakfast, exchange gifts, and then my dad gives us a piece of paper that starts the hunt. He stays up late the night before Christmas writing puzzles for us to solve, with the answer leading to the next puzzle until we find our “big” presents (usually whatever we wanted the most). And while we race around the house (and sometimes outside) in our pajamas, he sits and listens as we try and collectively figure out the answer, either praising us for how fast we solve it, or laughing as we come up with ridiculous possibilities. Can’t wait until we have kids, and then he can write puzzles for his grandchildren. Such good memories.

  13. Camille commented //

    I moved to Arizona from Boise, ID this last year and will sincerely miss seeing our handsewn stockings (my grandma made them) and more importantly what was always at the bottom-an orange. My mom always put one in our stockings and it was the last thing we would pull out. I love that darn orange so this year I plan to sew my own stockings and spread the orange joy ; )

  14. Moose commented //

    Thanks for this special give away!! It’s the Turkey Trot for us!!! A dog friendly event so we can really eat on Thanksgiving!!!
    Tail Wags,

  15. Leslie commented //

    We bake an apple pie on Christmas Eve for Santa!

  16. Fran commented //

    We live in Melbourne, Australia and we have a belated New Years’ holiday tradition at the end of every January. Our boys (aged 3 & 6yrs) absolutely love the Chinese New Year festival. We pretty much count down to the next one as soon as it’s over. The dragon parade (and touching the dragon for good luck), the fireworks, the buzz and excitement of the crowd, THE NOISE, the food, the colour – it’s almost too exhilarating! It makes no difference that our boys are of quite mixed heritage – it’s their festival.

  17. Cherie commented //

    One of my family’s holiday traditions was bundling up, making hot chocolate to go, and driving around the neighborhood, checking out holiday lights and decorations!! Some streets would really go all out and those would be the funnest to visit.

  18. Panda commented //

    We have a tradition of opening one gift on the 24th ๐Ÿ™‚ Then, on Christmas day, we wait until after dinner to open all the gifts!! Ah, the suspense!

  19. Annie commented //

    The tradition of cooking together is the first family holiday tradition that comes to mind. Whether it is making and decorating a batch of gingerbread boys or making our favorite soup recipes, a delicious smelling kitchen brings warmth and comfort to our family’s holiday celebrations!

  20. Theresa commented //

    I live in the eastern part of Germany and there we all are pretty crazy about Christmas (at least my family is). In the so-called Ore Mountains we have the big tradition of wooden toys (nutcrackers, little angels, …) and in many cities you’ll find Christmas Markets. This (http://www.weihnachtsmarkt-deutschland.de/bilder/weihnachtsmarkt-freiberg.jpg) is the one from my hometown! Great for having a mulled wine and a fried sausage!!

  21. Laura commented //

    We always take the kids to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s kids christmas concert. They love watching the show, and their favorite part is when Santa arrives at the end.

  22. kate commented //

    i live in portland and we have a street called Peacock Lane – and everyone on the street goes to town to decorate their homes with snazzy lights and all sorts of holiday garb. on certain nights, the street is closed to vehicular traffic, so you just walk along to be dazzled by the lights – and friendly neighbors serve hot cocoa and treats. simple, traditional, deliciously old-fashioned, and fun!

  23. Donna commented //

    My Dad would light real candles on the huge Christmas tree, & as he lit each one he’d assign it to someone to watch. Once lit, he’d turn off the regular Christmas tree lights & we’d sing Christmas Carols together. My Dad died 2 years ago & we haven’t done this again since then. It would have been such an emotional moment. Perhaps this year the “torch” can be passed to a different family member.

  24. Valerie commented //

    My favorite Holiday tradition is Christmas Eve at my Grandparents house! My Grandpa would dress up at Santa every year and come knocking around present time, while Grandma handed out gifts. This will be the first year he isin’t around to dress up. Hopefully some other wonderful tradition will take place.

  25. Robyn commented //

    My favorite Christmas tradition would have to be the special brunch that my mom makes every Christmas morning, after we all open our gifts. It’s a perfect time for us to unwind and enjoy each others company after all the present-opening chaos!

  26. Shannon commented //

    Every year the James Island County Park in Charleston, SC., lights up over 500,000 lights for a magical 3-mile driving tour. It is fun for everyone young and old.They also offer a marshmallow roast and a 54 passenger train ride through the park to view the lights. It is so much fun to hear the oohs and ahhhs of the kids as we drive through.

  27. erica commented //

    Those “Greetings from..” postcards are ADORABLE! I’d like to live in a bigger city just so I could use one ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Every year on Christmas Eve, my family and I drive to different neighborhoods in Sacramento where people do it up big with Christmas lights and decorations. Some streets are so busy and festive that we get out and stroll. I love the spirit of the night and all of the twinkling lights!

  28. kayla commented //

    I live in a small town on the Central Coast of California. There are two things that signify the start of the holiday season for me. 1. My husband is a firefighter with the local fire department and every year the department participates in the annual holiday parade that runs through our historic downtown. They bring out all their rigs, so it’s quite a show. My husband always volunteers to drive one of the engines, so every year, he and I and a few of our friends pile into the engine in holiday garb and cruise down the main drag waving to everyone watching the parade. 2. In that same historic downtown, the city always decorates all the old buildings with twinkle lights and garlands, but the one thing that has been the same every year is this Santa and reindeer that is put out in front of City Hall. It’s an OLD thing, completely 2-D and looks like someone cut it our of plywood and painted it in the 1970’s. They light it up and all the reindeer move on a track so it looks like they are “flying”. Rudolph even has a red bulb for a nose. It’s been there since I was a kid, so when it gets put out on that lawn, I know it’s really the holidays. I hope it never get’s replaced by a “modern” Santa.

  29. Cheryl commented //

    We bake a coffee cake and on Christmas morning, we place one lit candle it and sing happy birthday to Jesus. Then all the children blow the candle out together!

  30. Emily commented //

    I love when the historic district decorates their houses – it’s a candy cane lane and I love to get a hot cup of cocoa and wander the streets with my husband.

  31. Lesley commented //

    Mummering!!! It’s a cooky old tradition here in Newfoundland.

  32. Erica commented //

    Lovely holiday cards! My favorite Christmas tradition in my city is the annual “Artisan fair”, where I do all my Christmas shopping. It’s basically a huge fair where there are sellers from all over the world that sell typical (often handmade) products. It’s open until 11 PM so it’s a great way to spend the evening as well, and the food section is to die for! Many of the sellers give away tastings, so it is a food experience as well!
    My favorite tradition at home is the Chocolate Advent Calendar. My fiance and I make one ourselves, different every year, and fill it with chocolate. We can’t wait to continue the tradition with our future children!

  33. Lola commented //

    Lovely cards!
    I love the moment of opening the box will all the holiday decorations, going through each one remembering their story. In my city, there’s a traditional Christmas market where you can buy all the tiny figures for the Belรฉn (Nativity Scene), it’s a must to go there every year. And of course I love to sing carols with my little girl every day!

  34. Heidi commented //

    Oh my goodness, I just flew in from London yesterday (been up since 2 am, thank you jet lag) so I’d love those London cards.

    A favorite new tradition for us is a Shepherd’s Supper on Christmas eve. We’ve only done it once but I know it will be tradition for us! For Christmas Eve dinner we eat lamb, pitas, grapes, olives and hummus and eat on a blanket spread on the living room floor while we read the Christmas story.

  35. Stephen commented //

    This will be our first Christmas as a married couple. We are excited about beginning our own traditions. Traditions that can be carried on that will give us great memories of our first Christmas season together.

    We spent our honeymoon in Chicago and were really hoping to send out something in our cards that reflected our fun memories from the Windy City. What better than for a couple of designers to send out letter pressed Chicago cards to family and friends on their first Christmas?

    Thanks for the opportunity and the inspiration!

  36. Megan commented //

    Favorite family tradition: Acting out the manger scene while my grandfather reads the Christmas Story. As kids, we argued over who got to be Mary and Joseph. As teenagers, we argued over who got to wear the donkey or sheep head (brown paper bag.) As adults (once we’re married), we no longer have to participate. Last year, I was 29 and was cast among my siblings’ and cousins’ children. This is my first year as a married, so I will FINALLY be able to sit back, relax, and watch the kids do their thing.

    I am excited to begin new family traditions with my brand new little family.

  37. Stacie commented //

    Our town, Caldwell, has the most beautiful Christmas lighting display all through town, along Indian Creek. My uncle Darryl and I (he’s 78) love to go shoot photography together, and last year, armed with hot mochas, shot photos of the displays. You can see them here: http://www.girlingearstudio.com/2009/12/21/photos-of-the-day-merry-christmas-lights/

    This year we plan on going out to different lighting displays and shooting photos at night. It’s always a great time because I get to listen to Uncle Darryl’s stories of living all around the world and the wisdom he has to share. ๐Ÿ™‚