Gift Ideas for the Food Lover

Mmm … this collection of gift ideas is making me seriously hungry, and I hope that you’ll find something among the scrumptious calendars, art prints, stationery, and recipe cards that will be just the thing for the food lover(s) in your life.

Gift Guide for Food Lovers

1. Seasonal Harvest Calendar | Red Cruiser 2. Heads Up Letterpress Print | Will Ruocco 3. Science of Pickles Giclee Print | Anek 4. Growth Spurt Letterpress Calendar | Brown Parcel Press 5. Holiday Recipes Set | Quill & Fox 6. Fines Herbes Print | Eva Juliet 7. Midwest Harvest Calendar | Naomi Leeman 8. Pasta Letterpress Art Print | Fickle Hill Press 9. Tomato Varieties Tea Towel Calendar | Katherine Codega 10. Letterpress Recipe Cards | Fresh Heifers 11. Grow-A-Garden Plantable Calendar | Botanical Paperworks 12. Jam & Pickles Letterpress Stationery | Printerette Press

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3 comments on “Gift Ideas for the Food Lover

  1. Artist in LA LA Land commented //

    I’ve come across some wonderful paper goods and designers from your posts. Thank you for doing what you do. I certainly appreciate it. These are gorgeous prints for foodies.

  2. Nadia commented //

    Amazing! Formidable ! Merci j’Adore tellement, je cours me faire un thé et visiter tout les sites mentionnés <3 Je te souhaite un très beau vendredi ^^

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