A Fun Box O’ Letterpress Cards from Tympan Ink

Fun Cards Box of Letterpress Cards from Tympan Ink

Why limit yourself to giving just one card to friends and loved ones for special occasions when you can give them a WHOLE BOX? I know more than a few paper lovers who would be totally on board with this idea, especially if they’re the ones receiving the aforementioned box o’ cards.

The Fun Cards Box from Melbourne, Australia based letterpress shop, Tympan Ink, features a collection of 12 fun and fabulous letterpress cards for all sorts of occasions, and they’re packaged in a beautifully crafted collector’s card box. This super fun box of cards is a great gift idea for stationery lovers, and it’s the perfect gift for yourself if you often find yourself needing just the right card at the last moment (let’s face it, that’s most of us).

Here’s a peek at some of the sweet letterpress cards that you’ll find in the Fun Cards Box from Tympan Ink:

Fun Cards Box of Letterpress Cards from Tympan Ink

images from Tympan Ink

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