From the Shop Friday : Destination Wedding Invites

The collaboration between Hello! Lucky and Lab Partners has produced some fantastic destination wedding invitations ( and some pretty cool greeting cards, too). Wedding locales lucky enough to be included in the collection are  New York, San Francisco, London, Hawaii, and four recently added destinations: Chicago, Paris, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. The new designs have the same awesome retro modern flavor as the previous designs in the collection, and each suite features really cool illustrations representing the suite’s corresponding city … in Lab Partners’ trademark style, of course!

Hello Lucky Lab Partners Destination Wedding Invitations

Above, clockwise from top left: Chicago Destination Wedding Invitations, Paris Destination Wedding Invitations, Las Vegas Destination Wedding Invitations, and Los Angeles Destination Wedding Invitations. Each suite is available digitally printed or letterpress printed.

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2 comments on “From the Shop Friday : Destination Wedding Invites

  1. Jane commented //

    I love Hello Kitty’s destination wedding invitations. The illustrations capture each city’s personalities so well.

  2. Lissette commented //

    Those are amazing, especially the Paris set! *swoon*

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