Ecojotter February Love Giveaway

Ecojotter February Love Giveaway

What is LOVE to you? Ecojotter would like to know, and you can win a chance to receive a complete set of Ecojot’s LOVE ecoCOLLECTION (pictured above) if your comment is chosen. What a wonderful way to spread the love!

The giveaway will run until midnight on February 22, and you can read more about it and enter your thoughts about love here.

image from Ecojotter

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3 comments on “Ecojotter February Love Giveaway

  1. Louisa Shiva commented //

    Love is being able to give up your favorite jacket for your girl to sit down on a cold floor ..
    it’s when your boyfriend writes you little memories and slips in into your bag for you to later find..
    it’s when your man would rather spend time with you rahter than the best of his bro’s..

    love is truth, trust, wild but tame at the same time, and definitely romantic with a a childish side to it…

    if it’s true love… he’ll never give up after a fight, and the only way he can apologize is with a kiss

    love is timeless…
    love is like a feather (it can blow in any direction)
    love is God.. God is love.. we get Love from God, and God gives us Love.

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