Dandy Lion Press Bunnylopes Cards

Letterpress Bunnylopes Cards

San Francisco based Dandy Lion Press introduces us to the many fearsome breeds of exotic bunnylopes in this collection of hand-illustrated — no clip art here — cards, which include the Black Angora Bunnylope, prized by Serbian and Norwegian nobility, and the Sumatran Tiger Bunnylope, fearsome in appearance but actually quite lazy. The wonderful illustrations and captivating stories of these mythical (or are they?) beasts makes this collection of letterpress cards a must see.

images from Dandy Lion Press

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5 comments on “Dandy Lion Press Bunnylopes Cards

  1. Kelly commented //

    I almost died laughing when I saw this post because bunnlopes are actually real- sorta. It’s a bunny STD that causes them to have growths on their heads. It can cause growths elsewhere too. I always snicker when I see these drawings of bunnies because it’s a bunny STD- and one of my house rabbits has it (but she’s had 2 surgeries to control it).

  2. kristen commented //

    Kelly – I had no idea! So, bunnylopes aren’t completely mythical then? I definitely learned something new today. 🙂

  3. carina commented //

    I saw this line at the steamroller print fair in sf last year! i couldn’t help but buy the bunny smoking a ciggie. so wonderfully bizarre!

  4. eva / sycamore street press commented //

    I saw these at Renegade SF, and they look even nicer in person!

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