Curiosity’s Calendar of the Month Club

3d Yeti Paper Toy Calendar

3d Groundhog Calendar Paper Toy

Combine the practicality of a monthly calendar with brilliant illustration and clever 3d paper toy concepts, and you have a Calendar of the Month Club that will have you at the edge of your seat at the end of each month as you wait to see what fantastically fun calendar you’ll be downloading next.

Curiosity, a Portland-based creative marketing agency, is behind this super cool concept, and each month they’ll be releasing a new 3d paper toy calendar for you to enjoy. Download the calendars over at Curiosity’s site, or sign up to have a new calendar emailed to you every month. January’s calendar was a loveable Yeti with a feline friend, and February’s calendar features Jean, the Weather Queen, an ever so cautious groundhog.

Jean, The Weather Queen Calendar

images from Curiosity

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