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Boston Subway "T" Poster

The subway (or the “T”, if you’re in Boston) is one of my favorite things about the city but, well before I lived here, I had a certain fascination with city transit systems and subway maps. To this day, when I’m waiting for a train, I find myself being drawn to the line maps that are posted at each station. It might seem odd to wax poetic about something so utilitarian, but there is such a graphical beauty to subway line maps, and I was delighted to find LinePosters, a shop that carries line drawings of city transit systems from around the world.

Do you have a particular system that you’d love to explore? Though it looks somewhat intimidating, I would be so happy to explore Tokyo’s system. Maybe one day!

Tokyo Subway Line Poster

NYC Subway Line Poster

Chicago Subway Line Poster

Paris Subway Line Poster

London Subway Line Poster

images from LinePosters

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2 comments on “City Transit LinePosters

  1. gigi commented //

    I share the same love for subway lines … I am so glad I came across this post. Question though, may I share this post on my blog? I’m in love with those posters — they’re extraordinary!

  2. Evan commented //

    Hey awesome posters!! I would love to see one for Montreal

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